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Digital Marketing Roundup – W/C 11th September

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Digital Marketing Roundup

We have summed up important changes and news that have happened within Digital Marketing this week, if you haven’t had a chance to stay updated, not to worry we got you covered! From Facebook getting fined by a Spanish data privacy regulator, AdWords increasing support for links to AMPs, LinkedIn rolling out video creating to a potential new in-app series on Twitter.

Facebook Fined By Data Privacy Regulator In Spain

Facebook has been handed a €1.2m fine by the Spanish regulator responsible for the privacy, citing apparent inadequacies in its privacy policy. A statement from the authority highlights Facebook’s privacy policy as being “generic and unclear” and that the social media giant “does not adequately collect the consent of either its users or nonusers, which constitutes a serious infringement.” The fine comes months before GDPR is set to kick in, a new regulation that requires all company’s collecting, storing and processing data to obtain specific consent. Facebook plans to appeal the fine. Read more about GDPR in our guide.


Google AdWords Increasing Support For Links To AMPs

Accelerated mobile pages (or AMPs for short) have been around for a few years now as a powerful way of speeding up the online mobile experience. Many websites now use this technology to serve their pages to visitors at a much faster speed than traditional web pages (a highly sort-after technology in today’s world of declining attention spans). Google has started to increase the level of support for search campaigns that link to AMPs on their AdWords platform, a step forward for the paid advertising platform in terms of user and advertiser experience. See the video below for an example of how this will look for the mobile searcher and see why many businesses are moving to AMPs for their websites.

LinkedIn Rolls Out Video Creation

A few weeks ago, LinkedIn announced they were launching a video creation tool within its mobile app and it seems that the platform is rolling this out now to its frequent users. The aim is to get users to be more creative with their content when it comes to business. They have shared a video suggesting ways to use the tool, from a “behind the scenes” perspective of day-to-day work life to exclusive snippets from conferences, for example. Brands have been using video across social channels for a while now to introduce personality and exclusivity but this has mainly been from a brand awareness B2C perspective. How will video hold up on LinkedIn, a largely B2B network? We’re already seeing complaints of LinkedIn content straying towards a more Facebook themed territory (messages anyone?) so we’d be interested to see how the engagement looks like for these videos after the initial first few months.

Twitter May Allow Users To Post Tweet Series In-App

To get the point across, sometimes you need more than the 140 characters provided by Twitter. Composing a tweet series to achieve that purpose might become simpler in a near future. It would allow users to compose Tweet series and then post them all at once. This was recently spotted in the app by a developer, at the moment Twitter hasn’t confirmed or denied the feature. The glimpse would suggest that users could possibly see the tweet storm tool in the future.

Without an official statement from Twitter, it’s unclear when or if this feature will be available in the app. Social media platforms will normally test a feature before even considering a global rollout, and not all features pass the testing phase. However, it seems this hidden tweet series feature is currently not being tested publicly.

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