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Catch up on the latest Digital Marketing news from Google’s 2016 Spam report, Tumblr launching a new video chat app to Facebook’s plans for augmented reality.

Tumblr Launches Video Chat App: Cabana

Tumblr is looking to explore a new direction through their newly released video chat app called Cabana, the standalone chat app lets its users “hang out with friends and watch videos” online. The app has been made through a collaboration with incubator Polyvore Labs, which is owned by Yahoo. The idea of it is simple, it lets up to six users video chat at the same time and stream YouTube videos while talking to each other. The age range for this app is ideally for 13 to 18-year-olds and called a “digital couch” which pulls together video chat and streaming content. They have made it clear it’s not just for teens but teens seem to favour this more than adults.

Cabana will be run as a separate app and not with Tumblr! Tumblr Chief David Karp announced in an interview with Buzzfeed that: “Cabana is really an experience based around groups of people who know each other already that are coming together around a thing one of them might be obsessed with but the rest of them haven’t found yet.”.


Facebook May Be About To Get A Whole Lot More ‘Mindful’

On Tuesday, Facebook founder & CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced a big project Facebook has secretly been working on – “direct brain interfaces”.

This announcement was made at Facebook’s developer conference, F8, where Zuckerberg unveiled a whole host of new technologies he hopes to incorporate into the Facebook platform, one of these being mind-reading technology, allowing users to communicate telepathically.

If you think this sounds like sci-fi or “far out”, just know that this technology already exists in laboratories, and if a company the size of Facebook is willing to put enough money behind it, it may well make a public appearance in the next few years.

Many people have already commented on its potential invasion of privacy and the potential risks involved, so a healthy amount of scepticism is wise. However, if successful, this technology could completely transform the way we use social media, both from personal and commercial perspectives.

Google Releases It’s 2016 Web Spam Report

2017 is disappearing at a frightening rate and with that in mind, Google has released its 2016 web spam report.

The report uncovers some interesting and worrying stats regarding the state of the web today. Fake news, spam, and viruses are all a real cause for concern from a personal and professional perspective. So what has Google revealed?

  • A 32% increase in hacked sites from 2015
  • Google found a lot of sites being affected by social engineering, unwanted software, and unwanted ad injectors.
  • There was a significant increase in spam targeting mobile users

Google has placed a lot of emphasis and resource into combatting this area of the web. Keeping the search results ‘clean’ and of high quality is the number one goal from Google and is something that users expect on a daily basis. Fingers crossed that these improves continue in 2017 and beyond.

Facebook’s Plans For Augmented Reality Rolls Out With Big Brand Partners

As Mark Zuckerberg announced recently, “we are making the first augmented reality platform.” As always, Facebook goes big with their ideas and their plans to launch new reality filters and interactive experiences to its Camera Effects platform seems to be rolling forward. The first effects will be available through the Facebook Camera feature on smartphones but will eventually allow for compatibility with future technology, such as eyeglasses.

The first brands to jump on board and help develop and launch this software have been Manchester United, EA, and Nike. Each will offer their own filters alongside unique events and triggers, for example, EA has built a Mass Effect themed helmet mask that will also pull in and show stats from your progress in-game. Nike will offer a sweatband overlay that will display your recent running route and times too.

Facebook have been slow to add these effects considering how long Snapchat have been chasing this tech. However, Zuckerberg is confident that Facebook will be bringing augmented reality. via your smartphone, forward.

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