Digital Marketing Roundup – W/C 17th July

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Digital Marketing Roundup

Every week we sum up the most important things that have happened within Digital Marketing, so if you’ve had a busy week, don’t worry! We’ve included everything from Amazon joining the messaging app marketing, Google introducing natural languages queries to Analytics, Facebook auto-played videos and more.

Amazon Is Joining The Messaging App Market

Over the past couple of years, E-commerce giant Amazon has aggressively expanded its empire to include Amazon Pantry, Wardrobe and more. Now, its plan is to expand further into the only services market and offer instant messaging with its new app ‘Anytime’.

Messaging apps have become a big part of many people’s lives – in fact, in a survey conducted in the US, 34% of the participants reported messaging to be the primary use for their smartphone. Messaging apps are a great way for businesses to connect with their customers; Facebook knows this, and push their Messaging app for businesses to improve customer service online. Amazon has clearly seen the customer service benefits (after all, they do call themselves at heart a customer service company) and wants a slice of the emoji-filled, instant response pie. Whether it has the capabilities to stand up against the likes of Messenger and WhatsApp we will see.

Google Introduces Natural Language Queries To Analytics

Google has launched a feature for Analytics that will allow users to ask a question and get an answer using natural language queries. The Analytics Intelligence function aims to make it easier for people within an organisation who aren’t too familiar with analytics to easily extract the data they require. It uses the same natural language processing technology currently available across Google products like Android and Search. Ask the system questions such as “How many users did we get yesterday?” or “Which channel converted best?” to get easily digestible reports with the relevant data. This new function is being rolled out from now in English to all Analytics users so keep an eye out over the next few weeks.

Facebook Goes All-In On Video

Facebook isn’t the first platform you think of for videos, however, it does provide access to a large amount of video content which the social media platform are well aware of. Because of this, Facebook is now broadening its rollout of new video playback features on its mobile app which means videos will now autoplay with the sound turned on by default. In addition, the audio will fade in and out as you scroll past the video. On top of this update, Facebook has announced it is introducing another app for TVs.

The decision to add the video sound to the autoplay feature was because users expected to hear a sound as they scrolled through their News Feed. Facebook says they’ve been testing sound in the News Feed and have received positive feedback for the change, now it’ll slowly be brought to more people. For those who prefer not to have the sound, there is an option to turn it off both on iOS and Android devices.  Simply select the menu button and make your way over to account settings and sounds, and turn off “News Feed Start With Sound”. To find out more, visit Digital Trends.

Google Is Allowing Us To Add Our Own Input To Movie Search Results

We’ve all looked at the reviews on Rotten Tomatoes, Metacritic or IMDB to help us decide whether we want to watch a film but Google wants to eliminate that need by bringing a tag feature to movies in search engine results. Review results are already present on movie search results, but this week, search marketer Paul Shapiro spotted and posted on Twitter a new feature asking users to’vote for tags’ on the movie with adjectives, like ‘authentic acting’, ‘unconvincing’ or ‘gripping’ and much more. Google’s aim is to help us decide quickly whether we want to watch a film or not based on these quick snippet answers from genuine audiences, not just critic quotes. BRB, just off to tag ‘Con Air’ as the greatest film ever made…

Google Movie Tags Screenshot

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