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Digital Marketing Roundup – W/C 18th September

SocialB Digital Marketing Blog Last modified: 21 Sep 2017 by SocialB
Digital Marketing Roundup

We’ve summed up the important news that has happened within Digital Marketing this week. We have included everything from autoplay sound coming to Instagram, Facebook ads, YouTube variable coming to mobile devices and account-level Ad extensions rolling out in Bing Ads.

Autoplay Sound Has Come To Instagram

Once you have indicated to Instagram that you are fine with sound when playing videos, the app will start auto-playing sound for the rest of your session. The Facebook-owned photo-sharing platform is taking the middle of the road approach to auto-play video sound, effectively remembering your preference during any given Instagram browsing session, and keeping that preference consistent during your time on the app. This will mean that each time you open Instagram, the default will still be for videos to play sans sound. Instagram confirmed that the new update rolled out recently and it seems to be an attempt to make it easier for you to enjoy your Instagram experience with the sound on.

instagram-header-2-720x720-640x0 (2)

Account-level Ad Extensions Rolling Out In Bing Ads

Bing Ads announced this week that it’s rolling out an update to include account-level ad extensions globally. Before the update, we were having to repeatedly assign the same extensions at the campaign or ad-group levels but now Bing is allowing marketers to work quickly by allowing us to set them up at the account level. However, make sure you definitely want to fully cover the whole account, as the ad-group or campaign level extensions will overrule those set at the account level for now.

There are a few exceptions, mainly call extensions and sitelinks but you’ll soon be able to associate up to 20 of each extension at the account level, great for the first time setup and beginners to the platform.

YouTube Has Brought Variable Speed To Mobile Devices

From fast-forwarding videos or slowing them down that complicated how-to has been part of YouTube’s desktop player for years but the video platform has now brought variable playback to speed to mobile. The recent update brought one of the most requested features to the mobile app. YouTube says that a number of features make slowing down a video is a complicated task, especially when working with more limited hardware of the mobile device, which is why it has taken so long for it to be available for mobile devices. When changing the speed of any video, it will involve altering how fast the frames will play and adjusting the audio so that it works well. With the latest update, the viewers can now adjust the video’s speed form a quarter of the original speed to twice the speed.

youtube variable speed

Facebook Add Option To ‘Create Similar Ad’ In Newsfeed

This week, Facebook added a new option on newsfeed adverts to encourage other users to create their own ads. While clicking on this option doesn’t give you a heap of information, it does tell you what the ad was created to achieve (what Facebook coins ‘Objective’). Not only could this make setting up ads easier for the average Joe, it could also give advertisers some useful insight into what the competition is doing. While Facebook has been testing this option with a select number of users, it has now officially rolled-out for all users of the social network.

Facebook Create Similar Ad


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