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Digital Marketing Roundup – W/C 22nd May

SocialB Digital Marketing Blog Last modified: 26 May 2017 by SocialB
Digital Marketing Roundup

The last Friday of May is already here and it’s time for another Digital Marketing Roundup, stay updated with the latest changes from Google’s update hotel reviews making it more user-friendly, Instagram Stories’ “Explore” to Pinterest testing autoplay promoted videos.

Pinterest Testing Autoplay Promoted Videos

Just like in same vain as Facebook and Instagram; Pinterest is now testing a new feature for it’s promoted videos – autoplay. Large brands such as Adidas, L’Oreal, Toyota, Universal Pictures and Visa have this feature available to them, but it should roll out “in the coming months” for other, smaller businesses to use via the network’s self-serve ad-buying tool or advertising API.

While promoted videos were initially offered as just an add-on to promote GIFs and cinematic pins, the user actually had to click on to watch them. Other networks have seen good success with autoplay videos (Twitter anyone?), and they can be a great way to gain impressions for your brand and catch people’s attention early on in the buying process. Unlike YouTube’s trueview advertising, advertisers will be charged based on how many people view the video, regardless of if they skip it or not.

Google Rolls Out New Review Formats For Hospitality Industry

Google have begun fully rolling out their new and improved user interface features for local reviews in the hospitality sector, focusing mainly on hotels, to begin with. The reviews reveal some interesting core features that is designed to help a user take in as much information as possible when making their decision whether to visit/stay. Third-party reviews will show in carousels with a drop down for preferences (e.g. reviews from either, expedia, trip advisor etc.), whilst the review section itself will show a graphical user interface based on the type of travel or intent, for example, if someone is travelling solo, for business, or as a family.

Google New Hotel Reviews

Google released a statement confirming the improvements:

“Google is continually improving the information shown to people to help them make decisions about where to go. When people are searching for a hotel to stay at, we want to ensure we make it easy for people to find useful and relevant web reviews about that place to help them make informed decisions.”

Instagram Stories Curated By Location & Hashtag

The massive social media platform Instagram has announced two new updates to its Stories Feature in social discovery platform explore: location and hashtag stories. Instagram recently said that their users can now see what’s happening around them and find stories of their interest. This means that users who chose to go on Explore will be able to see stories ring at the top filled with stories from their current location. These stories will only be coming from other Instagrammers who have used the location stickers on their stories. You’ll be able to transport yourself to any location across the world through search and find a story ring for that specific place and the top of the location page.

instagrams latest feature explore lets you see peoples stories in your neighbourhood

Soon Instagram will be launching hashtag stories on Explore which will help users find stories that are related to their specific interests. Users who add a location sticker or hashtag to their stories will be included in a larger story. The latest update is available on iOS and Android as part of Instagram version 10.22. Hashtag stories will be rolling out in the next few weeks.

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