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Digital Marketing Roundup – W/C 25th September

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Digital Marketing Roundup

Another week has flown by which means it’s time for us to round-up what’s happened within Digital Marketing in the last week. If you haven’t been able to stay updated, don’t worry! We got you covered.

Twitter To Double Character Limit For Tweets To 280 In Global Trial

Twitter has officially confirmed that social media platform is considering taking a step away from their hallmark 140-character limit, they will soon begin testing a 280-character limit for a selected number of users across the world. Twitter has put a lot on emphasis that this change will only apply to a small group of people in countries where the users are impacted by the Tweet “cramming”, the inability to be able to fully express yourself on Twitter.

This issue is more obvious in some languages than others, at the moment Twitter have said that the increase won’t be trialed in Korean, Japanese or Chinese versions of the app. At the moment only 0.4% of Tweets are being sent in Japanese using the full 140 characters provided, however, in English 9% of tweets hit the limit. The 140-character limit is the cause of frustration for their users in certain markets. It’s unclear at this stage if the change will roll out for everyone.

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Voice Search Is Rapidly Growing – 57% Of Voice Assistant Owners Have Used It To Purchase

In a new survey, NPR found that out of 800 US people who own a Smart Speaker/Assistant and an equivalent that do not, 65% of them said they “would not want to go back to their lives before getting one of these devices”, with 42% admitting that it was now an ‘essential’ part of their daily life. When we adopted voice search systems, industry experts led insight that they would change the game on how people use technology to go about their daily tasks. But the e-commerce data released from this report is much higher than previously predicted, with 57% purchasing a product they would not have previously purchased, and 49% re-ordering items through voice.

It’s important to pay attention to this data as the Christmas season comes up on two levels:

1. How will the Christmas rush affect how people purchase through voice search? Will these stats continue to rise or will customers still lean on physical stores for the perfect gift?

2. More Smart Speakers will be available to buy in the coming months, including Apple’s hyped HomePod. Will we see a spike in Smart Speaker sales to tie in with the Christmas rush? We’ll be keeping an eye on this data in the new year!

Instagram User Count Rises By 100 Million In 4 Months

As more users join Instagram, their feature list continues to rapidly grow. On 25th September it was announced that the social media platform now has 800 million active users each month. If they continue at this pace, Instagram could potentially hit one billion active users in early 2018. With the tremendous growth, Instagram has also taken the opportunity to double the number of ads showing, the number is currently at 2 million advertisers. The social media platform says that video is rapidly expanding on the platform, with an increase of 80% year-on-year on just the amount of time users are spending watching videos.

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Facebook Ads To Allow Targeting Visitors Based On Offline Interaction

Facebook is expanding its ads platform even further by allowing advertisers to target users based on their location and previous offline interactions with businesses. Rolling out as a part of Facebook’s Custom Audience targeting, advertisers will be able to retarget users based on their location data from the last 30 days. While this data does have the potential to be inaccurate from a GPS perspective (a person could simply be standing outside the shop, not strictly visiting it), Facebook has affirmed that they will only allow targeting users who they have a “high confidence” in their store visits. While this targeting option, like many other Facebook targeting options, has the potential to increase ad relevancy, it does, however, raise serious questions about user privacy.

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