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Digital Marketing Roundup – W/C 26th June

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Digital Marketing Roundup

Have you missed out on this week’s big news and the changes that have happened within Digital Marketing? We have summed up the most important bits including Google receiving a $2.7 billion fine, GIFs being available in the Facebook comment section, Google Analytic’s new home view and the new features on Google’s test my site tool.

Google Is Slapped With A $2.7 Billion Fine

Google has been hit with an antitrust fine for favouring its own content in the search results, the fine has turned out to be much larger than what was originally expected which sets a worrying precedent for the company as it faces future cases. The fine was supposed to be closer to $1 billion, but the EU has increased it to $2.7 billion (€2.4 billion), the reason behind the fine increasing was because of it’s alleged abuse of its market power in shopping search.

Google has denied the that their practices would harm competition or their consumers and instead chose to argue that its results are beneficial and match their evolving consumer demands. Google has made many unsuccessful attempts to settle the matter with the former European Commissions competition Chief, the successor of the role was much tougher on Google. This is one of three or potentially more antitrust cases that Google is facing.

To read more, visit search engine land.

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Animated GIFs Have Come To Facebook

GIFs have recently turned 30 and Facebook have celebrated by adding the option to find a and use a GIF within the comment section. GIFs aren’t new to Facebook but they have grown in popularity since support was introduced to Facebook Messenger back in 2015 which allowed their users to chat using GIFs without having to open a web browser to find the one they are after. According to Facebook, their users have shared almost 13 billion GIFs, from the cute animations to funny video-like memes, this was within the Messenger App last year alone, that’s 25,000 GIFs shared per minute! With the 30th anniversary this year, do you think GIFs have turned into ads in disguise?

gifs are now available on the facebook comment sections


Google Analytics Launches A New Home View

Google Analytics New Home View Report

Well, looky here, we have a brand new Home View from Google Analytics, and, boy, does it look satisfying! It’s been slowly rolling out but it looks like it’s here for everyone, and it is highly convenient for those who need to look at their data very quickly! It’s almost like a giant dashboard, giving you a look at some important stats for your website, including real-time intelligence. The real beauty of it? It’s automatically configured for your set up, meaning it’ll also pull in all your goals, e-commerce and AdWords data. So, what else can it report on?

  • Time your users visit
  • The acquisition of those users
  • Top devices
  • Your most popular pages
  • How you are performing against goals
  • How your AdWords campaigns are performing

And lots more! It’ll also frame these topics with questions, for example, ‘How do you acquire users?‘ or ‘How are you performing against goals?‘ – it’s a nice touch, a little prompt to remember us to really question our results when we get a bit too involved in looking at the sheer amount of data.

Overall, we’re really liking how visual and user-friendly this report is and it seems like a great tool to quickly pluck your important figures out when you’re in a hurry. What do you think of the new Google Analytics Home View?

New Features Added To Google’s Test My Site Tool

Did you get the memo about mobile yet? Hint – it’s important, really important. To help website owners optimise their sites for mobile, Google has updated it’s Test My Site tool with some helpful new features. The tool will now show you how many visitors you could be losing due to your site speed. It will also show you how your site speed stacks up against your industry competitors. Not only that, it will show you what fixes you can make, what impact this will have on speed and the number of visitors you could retain if you made the fixes. All of this available in a downloadable report. The update comes as Google and industry leaders shout from the rooftops about the importance of a mobile-friendly site, in an age where over half of all searches are made from a mobile device. Want to learn more? Read about the benefits of a mobile friendly site.

Google Test My Site Tool

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