Digital Marketing Round-up – W/C 2nd October

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Digital Marketing Roundup

Another week is almost over which means we’ve rounded up the most interesting news and changes within Digital Marketing. Catch up with the latest Instagram Stories changes, Microsoft piloting a chatbot extension on Bing to Google releasing more AMP project features.

The Polls Are In On Instagram Stories

There’s no denying that Instagram is becoming more interactive and creative, on 3rd October the growing social media platform added a new sticker for taking a poll, along with a new colour tool for customising text and graphics. The poll sticker will allow users to ask their followers a question and list two possible answers, the viewers can then tap the screen to pick their favourite answer to vote on. The totals will then be tallied up inside the story which then allows their viewers to see which option is the most popular in real time.

The poll answers are by default ‘yes’ or ‘no’, the stickers can be resized, tilted and placed anywhere on the image. It can even be layered with other graphics or you can choose to use the drawing tool to colour behind the sticker. At the moment, the colour and font can’t be adjusted. As the polls are in the story, when the story disappears after 24 hours so will the poll.


Google Releases New AMP Project Features

Google announced on Monday that they will be adding new features to the accelerated mobile pages project updates including:

  • An improved sidebar;
  • Ad support;
  • Video analytics; and
  • scrolling animations.

Since 2015, Google has been working on the AMP project to help speed up the mobile web and make browsing and consuming content faster and more efficient. The project achieves this by creating basic versions of pages without bell & whistles and has achieved a load speed increase by 4x, meaning AMP pages now load 4 times faster on average than the full page previously did. The new updates Google is working on begs the question of will these additionals slow down AMP pages at all? Only time will tell.

Microsoft Pilots A Chatbot Extension On Bing

Microsoft has unveiled a new pilot which will introduce AI Chatbots to the search engine results pages of Bing. It aims to drive more engagement with customers through real-time interaction, providing the opportunity for consumers to quickly get answers to commonly asked questions. Chatbots are not a new phenomenon but the ability for them to be used in search results provides interesting opportunities for brands to connect with customers at the exact point they are searching. Microsoft’s Rob Wilk said: “We know people are interacting with their devices and searching for information in more conversational ways through voice search and conversational queries via bots. The main point is bot discoverability.”

This new feature would appear in a company’s business listing information on the search engine results page which would include a ‘Chat’ button for those with the feature set up. The Chatbot would then open in the same window, allowing customers to ask questions which will ultimately aid conversions. At the moment this page is in the pilot stage but Microsoft expects a broader roll out later this year.

Bing ChatBot

Bing Ads Roll Out Offline Conversion Imports

Bing Ads are letting their marketers get a greater idea of how their campaign is having an impact on overall sales by letting them upload their offline conversion data.

The system will leverage the Microsoft Click ID (MSCLKID) to attach to every Bing Ads URL when you enable the new Offline Conversion Import feature. The Click ID will be stored either in a cookie or remain in the URL as a user browses the website. If the user fills out a form, for example, the ID will then get referred to your CRM system to be associated with that particular user. If the user then goes to convert offline, for example after to speaking to a salesperson, the conversion can connect back to the Click ID in your CRM! Then when you add that offline conversion data back into Bing Ads, that conversion will appear at all levels of reporting, allowing you to see an altogether clearer picture of your conversion data.


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