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Digital Marketing Roundup – W/C 31st July

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Digital Marketing Roundup

Have you missed out on this week’s news that has happened within Digital Marketing? Not to worry! We’ve summed up the most important things you should know about, including Facebook’s new algorithm update, a sneak preview of the new Search Console design and a survey which links consumer impatience with reliance on technology.

Facebook smartphone

New Facebook Algorithm Update To Penalise Slow-loading Websites

If there ever was a time to ensure that your website loads at an acceptable speed, it is now. Facebook have recently amended their news feed algorithm to push links to slow-loading web pages below faster-loading alternatives.

The social giant is putting speed tests in place to judge how fast or slow a web page loads from its mobile app, then will factor the result in when deciding where to rank the article in user’s news feeds. Other factors such as the user’s network connection speed will also be taken into consideration.

While many websites may see a reduction in traffic from Facebook thanks to this, it can also be looked at as an opportunity to prioritise your website’s speed and get ahead of the competition. Luckily, you can learn how to increase your site’s speed in our 5 Whys & Ways blog post.

Google Unveils A Preview Of The New Search Console Design

There’s exciting news for website owners and SEOs as Google announced they will be releasing an ‘extensive’ redesign to Search Console. Search Console was launched more than a decade ago and has become a highly valued tool for improving website performance on Google Search.

The sometimes clunky design is long overdue an overhaul and Google has also promised a number of new features. One big improvement will be a faster feedback loop between users and Google. They have built a mechanism which allows users to quickly flag fixes rather than waiting for Google to recrawl the site. New testing tools will also include code snippets and a search preview to quickly identify where the issues are. Read more about the update on the Google Blog.

Other improvements include the ability to organise issues into groups to try and identify the root-cause of a problem. At an account level, Google will introduce a sharing functionality to allow multiple people within an organisation to pick up and action the workload. Google will slowly release the experimental updates to a select number of users over the coming weeks. Google has released two screen shots showing the new report designs.

Google Search Console Redesign

42% Of British Customers More Impatient Due To The Ease Of Technology

YouGov and Fetch have been at it with the surveys again, this time focusing on our daily tech habits and how reliant we are on them for everyday activities. 42% of UK consumers admitted that they are more impatient now than they were 5 or so years ago thanks to handy apps and smart home tech assisting, completing and performing menial tasks.

The same survey suggested that 81% of millennials look to try new tech in order to improve the speed and performance of those tasks and are much more receptive to ever changing tech opposed to older generations.

Ryanair Introduces Voice Search And Booking

In an effort to focus on their customer service, Ryanair announced this week that they would be introducing Alexa voice recognition. This will soon allow customers to search and book flights and hotels with their voice and Alexa’s help. The voice recognition feature will also allow customers to check flight status, work out the best route for travel and find next available flights. Initially, the feature will be limited to just but there are plans to roll this out further to their already successful MyRyanair App, which will also soon feature a chatbot service.

Ryanair’s competitors, EasyJet, has already experimented with voice search through Alexa, launching a feature to check flight status earlier this year. However, Ryanair’s features offer more flexibility and ease – it will be interesting to observe how voice search will continue to shake up the tourism game.

Google Adds New Save Feature

As Google continues to make browsing the internet easier and easier, one issue that many of us still have is not remembering which pages and businesses we’ve previously looked at and shown interest in. Luckily, Google has put together a handy solution to this.

Now featured in the mobile hamburger menu and local business pages is a ‘Save’ feature; an easy way of bookmarking items of interest to you that can easily be recalled later on in your Google account’s ‘Saved’ archive.

This feature, while small, could help customers recall businesses and remember that they ‘need to go for coffee here again soon’ or they should ‘go here for a day out one weekend’.

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