Digital Marketing Roundup – W/C 5th June

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Digital Marketing Roundup

We’re 6 months into 2017, can you believe it? In the first week of June, we saw Apple launch Indoor Maps, new stats on the purchasing habits of online shoppers, the winner of the General Election 2017 on social media and LinkedIn’s updated targeting options.

Apple To Introduce Indoor Mapping To iOS 11

Apple has unveiled a new feature which will allow users to navigate indoors with their Maps application. The feature is initially being rolled out in specially selected airports and shopping centres in some of the world’s biggest cities, including London Heathrow. It will include multiple level map information for shopping centres providing the user with detailed information on the restaurants and shops available in the location.

Apple announced the new feature this week as part of the latest iOS11 update at its Worldwide Developers Conference in San Jose, California. The update, which has been in the pipeline for a while, follows similar updates from Google who already offer a wider range of indoor maps for train stations, libraries, and museums.

Apple Maps

Apple Maps

Google Maps At British Museum

Google Maps At The British Museum

New Study Shows 95% of Customers Love Companies With Good Returns Policies

The polls are in, 95% of online shoppers, particularly Millennials and Affluent shoppers, who gave their opinion on E-commerce management platform Narvar’s latest study said that they would shop again with a retailer that provided a satisfactory return experience. 82% of those shoppers who had already returned an item to a store confirmed they were repeated shoppers of that brand.

Amazon is a testimony to this; their returns policy is one of the best around – is it any wonder they have such a loyal customer base? Taking the time to make sure your returns policy is easy for your customers is worth it, and will pay off in the long run as customers become more and more loyal to your brand and services, feeling that they’ve been listened to and provided for.

LinkedIn Releases Matched Audiences Targeting Options

Where before marketers were able to target LinkedIn users based on a variety of targeting options such as seniority or job title, the professional networking platform has released more ‘Matched Audiences’ options. Marketers are now able to target not just new opportunities, but also existing customers.

Currently, there are 3 new tools that have been released:

  1. Account Targeting
  2. Website Retargeting
  3. Contact Targeting

For anyone with experience running remarketing campaigns; you’ll realise how useful it can be. With an average conversion rate generally higher than brand awareness campaigns, remarketing on LinkedIn could potentially be a big deal for your business to take advantage of.

Linkedin Thumbnails

Will Voice Assist Become A Necessity In Day To Day Life? 71% Of Brits Think So!

According to a recent survey from YouGov and Wiraya, 71% of British consumers think that voice assist will be used for more than one or more tasks daily by 2027, just 10 years from now! The study shows that 48% of over 55’s want voice to be used for practical skills like quickly typing on a laptop or smartphone, whilst 46% of 18-24’s will use voice for important reminders, such as doctors appointments. However, the most popular outcome is that people want to see voice assist used for journeys more, with two-thirds wanting the ability to speak to their SatNav to help with their journey.

This prediction could be well on it’s way to becoming true, with 26% of respondents already interacting day-to-day with technology using voice.

General Election 2017 On Social Media

As the storm cloud erupts following the results of the UK General Election, we take a quick snapshot view of how the main parties performed on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. It appears that despite the Conservatives winning the most number of seat in this election, Labour won an outstanding victory in the social media world with a total of 1,422,000 followers across three of the big social platforms. The Conservatives fell behind with a total of 825,000 followers and the Liberal Democrats behind that with 374,000. Although it is difficult to judge the exact impact at this stage, Labour’s push towards engaging young voters on social media and getting them to register to vote may have had some effect on the election results. With reports indicating that Labour won the majority of seats where turnout was up by more than 5 per cent.

General election 2017 logo

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