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Digital Marketing Roundup – W/C 8th May

SocialB Digital Marketing Blog Last modified: 12 May 2017 by SocialB
Digital Marketing Roundup

Stay updated with our Digital Marketing weekly roundup to learn what the latest changes and news are.

Goodbye Standard Text Ad Support – Bing Ads

Bing advertisers don’t have much time left to test standard text ads (STAs) against the new and longer expanded text ad (ETA) format before the time runs out for STAs. BBing advertisers will not be able to edit old standard text ads (STAs) or create new ones after the 31st July 2017, Bing announced. However, Standard text ads can keep running, however, advertisers won’t be able to make any amends at all, this will include the landing page URLs.

Back in March, Bing Ads added options to convert standard text ads to expand text ads in the user interface and in Editor. Advertisers could alternatively import the expanded text ads (ETA) they’re using in AdWords.

To prepare yourself, start with your best performing STA copy when creating new ETAs. Additionally, Bing suggested the following tips:

  • Review ad extensions to make sure they have fresh, differentiated content from expanded headlines
  • Include the brand name in the headline for trust
  • Write clear, specific offers rather than “big discounts,” specify an exact percentage, such as “X% off”bing logo

Only 24% Of SMEs Seeing ROI On Facebook

A recent survey of over 4,700 businesses with fewer than 10 employees conducted by Manta has found that only 49% of these businesses have a facebook page, with only half of whom seeing a positive return-on-investment.

It was found that 75% of the businesses who do have a Facebook page, spend less than 2 hours a week on the social network; with the majority of them posting less than once a week.

The main focuses of Facebook marketing efforts for these businesses were:

  1. Awareness;
  2. New customers;
  3. Phone calls from new customers;
  4. New website traffic;
  5. Retention.

Given these insights, it’s amazing that more businesses aren’t making better use of Facebook; or maybe they just simply don’t know how? This survey has highlighted the importance of a social media strategy and understanding exactly how to make the most of Facebook and other platforms.

Snapchat Is Stepping Up Their Game

Snapchat has revealed new camera tools, including a looping video features as it’s gearing up to go head to head against Instagram. The social media network now lets users share a snap for an infinite time and it’s been dubbed “Limitless Snaps”. The tool will let Snapchatters share images with friends of their choice without having a restriction on the amount of time the recipient can keep the image open. The image will still, of course, disappear after it’s been viewed but the Snap automatically closes after a set number of seconds.

Snapchat also introduced a Looping Video service which can be quite similar to Twitter’s now defunct Vine service. They have added the ability to doodle on the image with emojis.

It’s safe to assume that Snap have chosen to step up its game after relentless competition moves from Facebook and Instagram which both have copied Snapchat’s signature features like Stories and disappearing messages.

phone snapchat doodle

AdWords Enhanced CPC Changes

AdWords users will be seeing an alert in their accounts about changes to the Enhanced CPC bidding. The notice says: “Enhanced CPC (ECPC) bidding now has more flexibility when adjusting your bids to help you get more conversions”. Enhanced CPC automatically adjusts your manual bids by basing it on how likely a click is estimated to convert. As an AdWords user will know that the ECPCs is bound by the max CPC and it would only increase a bid 30% above the set Max CPC. Because of the changes made, the big cap will no longer be there. It will not adjust ECPCs “to fully account for differences in conversion rates across dimensions like audience and location” Location and audience targeting is always kept in account, Google made sure to say that advertisers won’t have to set bid adjustments to anymore to account for the dimensions manually.

Google has said that the system will try to keep average CPCs below the max CPC over time but haven’t specified for how long. There may also be different outcomes, this will depend on the campaign type because of these changes:

  • Shopping: ECPC will be aiming to increase conversion at the same spend, meaning that we could see CPA changes.
  • Search & Display: The ECPC setting will be aiming to increase conversions at the same cost-per-conversion. Meaning that changes in spend could alter.

big hands signs

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