Digital Marketing weekly roundup

Digital Marketing Weekly Roundup

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Catch up on the latest Digital Marketing news and changes that have occurred in the past week, from Snapchat stories, SEO Rankings to Bing’s Chatbot.

Searching For Snapchat Stories

Snapchat has announced a new way to search for stories on Snapchat which will help find what’s happening in Snaps that are submitted to Our Story, and to create new Stories using advanced machine learning. Snapchat will be taken out of the passive realm of watching content and turned into a more active platform. Snapchat has started deviating from one of its most defining features, with the introduction of searchable Stories, Snapchat confirmed in a statement to TechCrunch that “some Snaps submitted to our Stories that appear in the new Search feature will be visible for less than a day to up to a few weeks or even months”.

As Snapchat continues to refine their newest feature, it’ll add more functionally as well. Snapchat is hoping to make it possible to categorise story submissions by what voices are saying or what music is playing, meaning you could search for specific song lyrics or conversion topics.

Why SEO Rankings Aren’t As Important As You Think

Yes, you have read that correctly. Being at the top of the search engines is very important and from a marketer’s point-of-view, it looks good. But, it is a metric that can disguise the truth and steer you in the wrong direction. Too many of us perform a search based on our physical location rather than This article from Search Engine Land covers this topic well and it is something that we tend to agree with. Ask yourself this, would you rather have ten search phrases at the top of Google that doesn’t convert very well or 10 search phrases on the first page that deliver good quality leads and sales?


LinkedIn Makes Lead Generation That Bit Easier

This week, LinkedIn released its new ‘Lead Gen Forms’. Created to help make lead generation easier across all devices, the new lead gen forms collect essential lead data including name, contact details, company, seniority, job title, location and more when someone clicks the ‘sign up’ button on your advert.

LinkedIn Lead Gen Form

Before this, filling out sign-up forms on mobile devices was a hassle. They were clunky and included few features. Now, they are easy to fill out, with many of the fields auto-filling, and allow marketers to redirect leads to a page on their website after visiting an in-app ‘thank you’ page.

LinkedIn tested this new form with 50 companies before its release, and in each instance, they saw a reduction in their cost-per-lead ratio. With Microsoft now having taken over the platform, many more features look to be on the horizon, hopefully helping save businesses money and generate more leads and sales.

Bing Chatbot Answering Local Search Questions

Bing has added chatbots to help their users with their local search results for restaurants in Seattle (US). The new feature appears at the bottom of the listing for some individual restaurants in the city of Redmon, which is where Microsoft is based. When clicking the button opens a chat window that says powered by Microsoft-owned Skype, if you have a Skype account already, it’ll recognize your name. As it’s fairly new, there is no immediate help or guide stating what questions can be asked, so the chat experience can be a bit of a hit and miss situation, to begin with. However, once you get started, the chatbot will offer you a range of different questions you can ask, including:

  • “Show the the direction to your place?”
  • “What parking options to you have?”
  • “What is your price range?”
  • and more…

At this stage, it’s unsure if this will be for everyone to use across the world or if it’ll remain in the Seattle area.


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