Digital Round Up – March 2020

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Digital Roundup

It’s been a crazy month for a lot of businesses (especially here in the UK). So, to help stay on top of what happened in the world of digital marketing, here are the highlights from the month:

Prefer to listen?

Caution! Your Analytics may not be Quite as it Seems!

With an enforced stay-at-home protocol and remote working, your internal traffic will no longer be internal. Any previous filter would not catch remote workers and may be counted in your analytics data.

Creating an annotation in your analytics is a good idea, but be sure to keep this in the front of your mind when measuring or reporting on performance.

Email is Essential

Email is an area where you could potentially recoup some of the losses from the channels most impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

A low-cost option that, done right, can be extremely effective. This could be a simple reminder that although the physical store is currently closed, your products are still available online. Ensure that sensitivity is given for the seriousness of the situation and focus on products or services that your customers are likely in need of right now.

Perhaps not the right time for hard selling or deals, you may want to consider free delivery as an enticing offer. Although this channel is unlikely to make up for the losses in full it’s still a good way of building trust which will serve you well once life returns to the new normal.

Content Marketing and SEO Key

Although many are experiencing a drop in performance for organic traffic due to an overall fall in search demand, it is still worth your while continuing your efforts on your content and SEO campaigns.

Reducing or halting spend on content and SEO will substantially risk losing your organic rankings. Although we are in turbulent times at the moment, demand will return at some point in the near future. When that happens you’ll want to be poised in prime position making it crucial to maintain or perhaps even improve on your SEO campaign.

Socialising While Social Distancing

Socialising is an essential human need and with the rise of social distancing, even the biggest introverts among us got a little bit worried about socialising. This is exactly why a few applications got extremely popular recently. We’ll skip the really well-known ones like Facetime, Google Duo, Google Hangouts, Skype and talk about 2 new-ish apps.

Houseparty! It’s been around for a while but with the coronavirus outbreak, they pulled 2 million downloads in a week, which made them the seventh most popular app in the iOS App Store. Houseparty is a bit different than your normal video chat app, it comes with a few different games you can play with your friends and gives you a chance to socialise with different people such as friends of your friends with the unlocked room feature.

Zoom is another one of these apps. While Houseparty is being used for mostly casual video chats, Zoom is used by a lot of businesses as well as casual chats with family and friends. It’s free (woo!) and very easy to use and is accessible via phones, computers and tablets.

Fun fact: You can create your own background for Zoom on Canva. Why not look like you’re on a beach instead of worrying about your co-workers having a close look at your messy lounge.

PPC Ad Spends Set To Lower (Opportunity?)

According to research firm eMarketer, global ad spends are set to decrease in light of the coronavirus situation. While one would expect more drastic drops in spend, eMarketer have changed their number from 7.4% year-on-year growth to 7.0%.

Now, this could highlight one of two things:

  1. That eMarketer’s assumption that Coronavirus will have a limited impact on spending is wrong, or
  2. That cost-per-clicks are about to get a whole lot cheaper!

Either way now is a good time to be doubling-down on your marketing efforts and focusing 100% on making sure your online efforts are profitable.

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