Digital Round Up – October 2022

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Digital Roundup

In this month’s digital round-up, we’ve covered new features and updates from Facebook, TikTok and YouTube as well as Google’s Performance Max Campaign updates. Keep reading to stay up to date:

Six New Updates to Facebook Groups

Meta rolls out six updates to Facebook Groups that allow users to share different types of content and manage it effectively. 

The six new features in Facebook Groups now include:

  • Reels in Facebook Groups
  • Share Facebook Group events to Instagram stories
  • Customize Facebook Group profiles

TikTok Plans Opening Warehouses in the U.S.

With millions of loyal users globally, TikTok is an ideal platform to offer an improved e-commerce experience to users.

TikTok is seeking to provide warehousing, delivery, and return services for merchants. The platform will also include customs clearing and supply chain systems.

In August 2021, TikTok developed a partnership with Shopify that allowed merchants to connect their Shopify storefronts with the platform. This was aimed at helping retailers promote their brands and sell their products through organic discovery and shopping tabs.

YouTube Shorts Adds Voice Narration

YouTube Shorts is adding another popular TikTok feature that will allow creators to add a voiceover in videos. 

You can utilize voiceovers to enhance your content delivery, such as explaining how to do something, adding insightful commentary, or making funny comments.

Before this update, users would have had to capture your voice while the video was recording. Now, you can easily add a voiceover to YouTube Shorts after recording.

New Features for Google Ads Performance Max Campaigns

Advertisers can now forecast how their campaign may perform in the future and simulate what could happen when you adjust elements like your campaign budget and ROAS or CPA targets. 

Performance Max campaigns are now compatible with the Google Ads Performance Planner tool. This will help advertisers assess how changes to campaigns could affect key metrics like conversion value. 

With the new ‘notes’ update by Google, you will be able to see more details on a particular campaign’s explanation. While running a Performance Max campaign for an online sale, you may see detailed explanations that offer an analysis of your product status and top sellers.

Additionally, users can add data segments as audience signals in Performance Max campaigns, which helps Google find more customers who are likely to convert. 

Data segments will be available within audience insights on the Insights page soon. This will allow users to interpret first-hand data effectively and see which of your customer lists are converting best.

A More Visual Future for Mobile Search on Google

Google is making updates to the mobile search features & prioritising more visual content, such as video and images. There will be further integration of Google Web Stories, so that you can share video snippets from your website to capture searchers’ attention.

 Search options will be enhanced with various shortcuts in the search bar, offering options that differ from traditional text queries. 

The most relevant results will be displayed in a variety of formats, with an endless feed of discovery that spans multiple types of content. There will be no switching between the web, image & video tabs as they will be amalgamated into one continuous stream. 

Local Search Updates for Google 

 Google wants to create a more immersive experience for local search results and offer authentic and creative content formats to help people explore local neighbourhoods, businesses & restaurants. Some of the features will include:

  •     Going beyond Street View and giving you the chance to discover the inside of buildings
  •     Find the exact dish you’re wishing for by discovering the local eateries offering a specific meal or speciality
  •     Uncover the “local vibe” before visiting to understand whether it will fit your style
  •     Reliable and visual updates of digital menus & service lists

New Features for GA4, including a new homepage and custom channel groupings 

The new home page experience is personalized for customers, highlighting key top-line trends, real-time behaviour and their most viewed reports.

Additionally, it uses machine learning to look for trends and insights and surfaces them directly to advertisers on the home page. 

Soon, Google will launch custom channel grouping, a feature that lets marketers combine different channels to compare cost-per-acquisition and return-on-ad-spend based on data-driven attribution, which was introduced into GA4 earlier this year, after becoming the default for all ads conversions. 

Businesses will be able to compare the performance of their paid search brand with their non-brand campaigns. 

With this update,  you’ll be able to see a more complete picture of your campaign performance alongside web and app behavioural metrics. 

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