Do you need a social media agency or social media training?

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Many companies wanting to invest in social media marketing are inevitably faced with the dilemma of either providing social media training to their existing staff, or whether they should invest in an external social media agency managing their social media presence.

There is not a “one size fits all” response to the question. It depends on factors such as budget, time constraints, company size, business goals, etc. Both have their own pros and cons.

7K0A0075Here are some of the benefits:

Providing social media training

By training your existing staff to manage your social media marketing, you’re keeping everything “inside”. This means that you’ll be using their existing knowledge of the company. They’ll have easy access to multimedia, colleagues, brand managers and daily insight, along with company information that can help in producing content and keeping a consistent brand image.

This is a great alternative to companies that don’t have a huge budget to hire a new social media and marketing manager to work at the company or have an existing communications staff that needs to get proper training in order to start working in social media.

Working with an external social media agency

The agency won’t be exclusively living and breathing your brand, but a major benefit is that they’ll see your business in a bigger picture without a clouded judgment. Also, external social media managers manage multiple accounts and campaigns which allow them to use their knowledge of best practices from each one across the board. They are always on top of trends for you (Facebook privacy settings change every day, new site that are emerging, search algorithms change, etc.).

This a great alternative for companies that due to many reasons, don’t have or don’t want to hire internal staff to manage a social media presence, but still feel the need to promote their products/services through social media.

Using both

Some companies decide that the best way to move forward is to have their very own internal social media managers, whilst working with an external agency at the same time. It’s a great alternative to companies that want to start their social media presence with a team of experts or want their marketing staff to concentrate on other activities other than seeing social media as a priority. An external agency will make social media a priority for you.


Whether you go one route or the other, when it comes to your online presence, you want to put your best face forward. Internal or external, ensure that the person handling your social media accounts is someone who understands the community you’re connecting with and who is authentic in their desire to drive your business forward trough social media.

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