Do You Want The Best Sales Team Working For Your Business?

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Increasing sales is always one of the top goals for any organisation when they decide to invest in marketing.

Most organisations today have a website but that’s simply not enough anymore. Your online presence and management is crucial for gaining new customers, retaining existing ones and building your reputation regardless of whether you are a small, medium or large company, trading online and/or offline. That’s where social media marketing has a huge potential in helping to reach your sales goal.

Social media is not the place for hard selling. However, it is the place to meet your target and to create and nurture relationships. Any successful salesperson knows that the key to selling is to network and to create relationships.

How to create a social media strategy that works as your best sales team?

The key to create relationships and drive sales through using social media is to provide real value to your audience and to connect with them in an emotional way.

Here are 5 tips to drive sales through social media:

1. Have a tailored strategy

Every successful salesperson always has a strategy in place to deal with different types of customers/potential customers. What this means regarding social media is that you should not only develop a tailored marketing strategy that makes sense for your business and being on the right networks, but also means that your strategy should be different and specific for each network.

You should have specific “tone of voice” and content for each network, that is targeted to reach your desired audience.

2. Know your audience

Every successful salesperson knows that in order to create a relationship and close a deal they should research their audience, listen to what they say before even starting to sell.

In social media, before you start to do any posting, you should research your audience: where they are and what they’re talking about, their desires and issues. It is based on this that you’ll start and engage in conversations.

For example, a company in the tourism sector can identify in which stage of the buying ladder their audience is by listening to the conversations taking place. That way the company can deliver targeted content that will meet their audience’s needs in that specific stage, increasing the possibility of a sale.

3. Deliver value with calls-to-action

As previously mentioned, social media is not the place for hard selling, but every successful salesperson knows that they need to create and nurture a relationship before they close a deal.

On social media, you create a relationship by delivering value through your updates and also by engaging in conversations related to your products/services or industry. The key is to provide real value and attract your audience’s attention. By doing this you can also add a call-to-action and drive people to visit your website, read a blog post, signup to a newsletter (data capture), etc, and start the sales process.

4. Check your stats

Every successful salesperson regularly checks their sales pipeline performance. That’s why it is imperative that you regularly check your social media stats. These will tell you which networks and content are driving more traffic to the website or driving more conversions (direct sales or leads).

That way you’ll be able to tailor your strategy using the networks and content that works best in order to reach your goal.

5. Mix social media with other marketing methods

Every successful salesperson knows that they cannot be an island and needs support from other sources.

That’s why you need to integrate social media with your other marketing and sales tactics so you can leverage its results. For example, if you have been encouraging people to sign up to your newsletter through data capture make sure you send a regular email shot with enticing, useful content, and an offer, you might see a huge increase in customers and sales!


Social media can be the best sales team working for your business if set up and used correctly.

It’s important to remember that you shouldn’t only focus on making sales, as this will only hurt your efforts in the long term. If you are too ‘salesy’ you will put most people off, the ‘secret’ behind a successful social media strategy is building meaningful relationships with your audience and engaging with them.

This is how you build your audience using social media, increase your website traffic and start generating more sales.

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