Does The Pinterest Button On Bing Mean Big Business?

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After Microsoft announced that the ‘Pin to Pinterest’ button would feature on all Bing images, the immediate question asked by most business owners was “how will this affect traffic to my website”. Here is our view as to how you can benefit from Bing’s new feature.

Bing may not be the most popular search engine in the world, however the Microsoft owned site is certainly closing the gap between industry leaders Google and the rest of the competition. Whilst Google continue to enjoy the line share of users (67.5%), Bing’s persistent marketing campaigns have seemingly had a positive effect as they have experienced a 1.6% annual user increase to give them an overall market share of 16.9%, which considering monthly desktop searches having reached a record breaking 20.4 billion searches in February is no small feat. Microsoft’s latest notable attempt to topple their adversaries was the introduction of the ‘Bing it On Challenge’, a campaign in which they encourage users to compare Google’s search results with their own. The campaign has, whilst criticised by many, been evidently successful as reflected by their increased market share. Bing’s slow and steady pursuit of the market leaders may soon be making the jump to light speed as they may have found the catalyst they’ve been looking for in the form of the Pin to Pinterest button on all Bing images.

Microsoft recently announced the integration of a Pin to Pinterest button into the Bing images search after having initiated a partnership with the popular social network Pinterest. Appearing discreetly on all Bing images, the Pin to Pinterest button will enable users to pin images to their Pinterest boards without having to visit the original website and without having to install a booklet, preventing users from laboriously searching for the original high resolution source individually and therefor making pinning images as effortless as possible. Whilst the new feature is currently only available with the Bing images search location set to United States, it will almost certainly make a global appearance after being tested on the American market.

So what does the addition of the Pin to Pinterest button mean for businesses? Many companies, particularly those selling goods online, include pictures of their products on their websites and unlike in the past, when these images could be reused on other websites or blogs to generate increased traffic to other sites, the introduction of Bing’s new feature will now redirect all traffic to the original source. So whilst Bing may not be the most popular search engine at the moment, it does have the power to direct an increased amount of its own users to your website thanks to its new feature, something definitely worth considering after Bing’s increased market share now leaves them with around 3.4 billion users. The bottom line then, make sure your website is heavily decorated with its own original photos and you could be about to enjoy the spoils of Bing images’ new Pin to Pinterest feature.

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