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Don’t Forget Bing

SocialB Digital Marketing Blog Last modified: 11 Apr 2017 by SocialB

You all remember the other search engine right? Bing, in case you have forgotten. While it may not be the most popular search engine in terms of market share, it still presents a huge opportunity for marketers. Microsoft’s search engine is actually very good. Time and time again, we see Bing converting at a much higher rate than Google. And this is true across B2B & B2C sectors. So why do we consistently neglect Bing from an SEO & paid advertising perspective?

If you are not giving Bing the same love and attention that you are giving Google, don’t panic, you’re not the only one.


Your customers are on Bing and searching for the products & services that your offer. So it is paramount to track & optimise this channel in the same way that you do with Google. A quick checklist to get started:

1) Sign up to Bing Webmaster tools
2) Track your key search phrases in a tool like MOZ
3) Track your Bing organic performance in your data spreadsheet
4) Check that your site is ranking in Bing
5) Ensure your sitemap is submitted to Bing Webmaster tools

These 5 simple steps will get you started and understand how your site is performing. When we look at search engine market share it is useful to note that the Yahoo search engine is powered by Bing which means that the results you see in Yahoo are more than likely going to be the ones you see in Bing. So improving your rankings on Bing will result in an increase in ranking positions on Yahoo – a 2 for 1 deal.

One of the questions we see on a regular basis is ‘how do I optimise my web pages for Google & Bing search?’. A valid question indeed. The foundations of SEO remain the same across both search engines. A safe tactic for any SEO campaign is to think of your customer first. Write your page titles, meta descriptions, H1 tags, page copy in a user-friendly way that can help answer their query (search engine optimisation 101). On-page copy should have at least 500 words, but in the perfect scenario, this number would be around 1,000. To be clear, this isn’t 1,000 words of randomness. Remember, is the copy providing value, answering a query or generally being useful to the person to the person who is reading it (if it isn’t, delete it and start again).

Like Google, Bing has a huge number of elements that it uses within its search algorithm. Social signals, backlinks, on-page performance, CTR and even meta keywords (remember them?) play a part in determining who ranks at the top of Google Bing.

According to Statista the latest UK search engine market share stats show Google with a large market share followed by Bing & Yahoo with a combined 10%. That is still 10% of the population which will include current and potential customers.

Bing Ads

The native ads platform delivers all round from a performance and usability point-of-view. Bing have truly understood that 99% of their customers will already be running campaigns on Google so what they have done is made the process of importing your AdWords campaigns over to the Bing dashboard as simple as possible. A couple of clicks and your ads will be up and running. Everything you have tweaked, learned & optimised over on Google can now be up and running on Bing. If you’ve not made this move yet, chances are your competitors haven’t either. Yes, Bing has a lower search engine market share and therefore less traffic, but it really does convert at a higher rate & with a lower AVG CPC than Google. This won’t be the case for every industry, especially the top end of the CPC scale (insurance, gambling, legal), but from our research and own experience, we are seeing some very favourable metrics coming out of Bing Ads.

Do you have a shopping ads campaign that converts really well on Google? If the answer is yes, get that campaign up and running on Bing. Set up a Bing Merchant Centre account, upload your feed, create a shopping campaign and away you go. Who wouldn’t want traffic, that you have proven converts well, coming from two different sources? Bing ads is a great system that is so underutilised. And while it remains that way, get ahead of your competitors and drive more traffic to your site.

And if you’ve not signed up for an account before, go ahead and help yourself to £50 in free ad spend courtesy of Bing (or speak to us at SocialB).

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