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Social Media Ideas For Easter

SocialB Digital Marketing Blog Last modified: 16 Feb 2021 by SocialB
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With Easter approaching, it’s time to think about your social media content ideas and get them in the content calendar!

Easter is generally a time when family and friends come together to enjoy games and food… lots of food, especially chocolate! But what can you do to stick out from the crowd? Follow our top tips to have a really eggciting Easter online!


As mentioned above, Easter is a time for many people to get together and share their joy with each other, so it’s only natural for your social media presence to reflect this and get your audience involved in some fun engaging activities. Try using hashtags to encourage your audience to share photos, videos and comments of what they’re up to over the holiday or use a brand-specific hashtag campaign to boost awareness of your products.

Last year, Hotel Chocolat encouraged its customers and audience to take a selfie with its Easter mascot, The Beau Bunny. The mascot toured around 39 UK stores and the brand promoted the use of the hashtag #TheBeauBunny to promote the campaign and find customer images to share across their social media channels.

Waitrose took a laid back approach to customers sharing images of their Easter weekend through their #GoodEgg campaign. Audiences could share Twitter, Instagram or Vines of food, egg hunts and family activities, whilst Waitrose used the hashtag themselves to create awareness of their donations to Great Ormond Street Hospital.


The holidays are a great time to run social competitions as you can theme it around that event. The simplest competitions are the RT and follow kind on Twitter, as these are quick and easy to see who has entered. Prizes can be completely up to you depending on your budgets, this can range from an Easter egg to an iPad or even a holiday!

When running a competition that’s specifically orientated around Easter (e.g. winning an Easter hamper), make sure you have the resources to deliver this in time to the customer. An Easter hamper may not be much good in the second week of April!

Show off your silly side

It’s Easter, the time of ridiculously cute fluffy animals and chocolate! These two things (especially the fluffy animals) always go down well on social, so make sure to incorporate some sillier things to show off your brand personality and human side.

Cadbury UK continued their #FreeTheJoy campaign and simply uploaded a 2-second video of a fluffy toy chick jumping up and down next to some mini eggs with the caption; ‘What came first, the mini chicken or the mini egg?’ Simple, cute and effective, with other 1700 likes, 234 likes and 254 shares on Facebook.


It’s the holidays, you won’t want to be checking and posting to your social media accounts on the bank holiday days off, so make sure to schedule your content strategically ahead of time. Check Twitter analytics and Facebook Insights to see when your best times to post are for maximum engagement.

Don’t forget the puns!

Everyone loves an eggcelent pun, right?

What are your ideas for a social media campaign? Let us know on Twitter and Facebook!

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