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Financial DistrictMany businesses nowadays have invested in social media marketing as a great way to reach their audience and attract potential customers.

But many businesses are also aware of the potential that social media has in attracting potential candidates for their companies.

Sites such as Linkedin or Twitter have a huge pool of high quality professionals in all sectors and make these networks a great place for recruitment.

Job seekers are also actively using social media as part of their job search strategy, engaging in activities such as applying for jobs on Linkedin, directly contacting recruiters and hiring managers or researching information about a particular company they’re interested in working for.

This means that using social media as part of attracting talent should be part of the recruitment strategy for any savvy business.

But how can a business engage potential employees via social media marketing?

1. Have an impeccable presence on LinkedIn

Linkedin is the top social media network for business and recruitment.

Although your presence in other networks are also important, if your focus is on finding and recruiting employees, you need to have an impeccable presence on Linkedin.

This means having a company page with daily updates and relevant information, encouraging your current employees to have impeccable profiles too and share the company’s info, adding job adverts, responding promptly to recruitment queries, and actively searching for talent.

There are other things you can do as well such as have a blog on Linkedin Pulse to show your expertise and even have your own discussion group.

As you’re using Linkedin to find talent, Linkedin is also usually the first network that candidates use to do research on you.

Make sure everything you have on Linkedin reflects what your business really is.

2. Show who and what your business is all about

This means sharing information about your business: products, services, events, awards, milestones, etc, and also showing behind-the-scenes content.

Potential candidates want to see and know how it is working in your company: the office environment, the faces of the people that work there, what happens outside work such as sports events or parties, etc.

This can sometimes be what makes up their mind between working for you or for your competitor and help you securing a high quality employee, so make sure you deliver this type of content.

3. Deliver valuable content

Talented candidates are professionals that are not only passionate about what they do, but also are up-to-date to everything that is happening on their industry. And they demand that the companies they work for are too.

As well as to your customers, make sure that the content you share is of high value to potential employees too, i.e., that is informative, up-to-date, that solves issues, inspires them, or gives them amazing tips and ideas, making them feel engaged.

Besides delivering your own original content and showing your expertise, make sure you also share content from other reputable sources in your industry too, showing you’re not an island and are connected to the world around you.

4. Engage in conversations and promptly respond to comments and questions

There’s nothing worse than a potential employee asking a question on social media to a company they’re interested in working for, just to sit there for days or weeks without a response. It’s a huge put-off and can cost a company losing a potential good candidate (and its reputation too).

Make sure you respond promptly to comments and questions in all your social media networks. This shows you’re not just broadcasting on social media, but are a company that truly cares to connect and interact with people.

It’s also a good idea to actively search for conversations on social media around recruitment in your company or industry and actively participate on them, responding to questions and directing potential candidates to specific job openings.

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