5 Tips For Estate Agents To Manage Social Media & Save Time

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cars-parking-street-2647The internet and social media have changed our lives forever with a great impact on the way we interact and search for information. As many other business sectors, it also affected the real estate market.

Real estate agents are now using different and innovative ways to advertise their properties.

That’s why is so important for the real estate sector to be where their audience is online and help them find what they are looking for, provide them with valuable information, and make online connections and influencing decisions.

But despite the fact that many real estate businesses clearly see the benefits of social media marketing, some still struggle to find proper time to dedicate to social media management or find it time-consuming.

Here are 5 handy and easy tips for you to manage social media and save you time:

1. Have an editorial calendar

One of the key elements of social media marketing is delivering great content, but sometimes it can be a difficult task to know what to write and when. That’s when an editorial calendar will come in handy.

You can have a weekly, monthly or even annual calendar on which you add key dates and times to deliver specific content, allowing you to know in advance what you’re going to deliver and when.

Bear in mind that an editorial calendar is not set-in-stone and you can modify it as and when new and perhaps more relevant content crops up, having one will organise your content to deliver and save you precious time ahead.

2. Use a management system

There are many social media management systems you can use to save you time, like Hootsuite.

Hootsuite is hands-down one of our favourite tools for posting to Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin and it also connects with Foursquare, which savvy real estate agents use massively.

It has an extremely handy publisher feature with a scheduling interface that allows you to schedule posts days, weeks and even months in advance. On this feature you can also check mentions, retweets and comments, and easily reply to them, so it saves you precious time.

It also has an Analytics tab where you can check, amongst other things, which tweets are getting the most clicks or which keywords are more popular.

3. Check your Analytics

In order to have a tailored and focused strategy that brings you success in social media and saves you time, you need to know what’s working and not working.

For this it is imperative to have an Analytics tool and check your stats regularly, for example using Google Analytics, Twitter Analytics and more.

If you check your stats regularly, you can invest more on content and platforms that are bringing you results and discard what’s not working and it’s a waste of your time.

Remember, social media is not about being everywhere, it’s about being where it makes sense to your particular business.

4. Be present on your peak times

By building a following and checking your stats, you’re also able to know the peak times of your networks, i.e., knowing which days of the week and times your audience is more active on each platform.

Once you have established when they are online,  you will know when to share more, comment more, interact more and engage more. This is key in saving you time, because you know exactly the days and times that you need to be online interacting and delivering more content.

So, every week you can setup time for social media knowing that you’ll be online exactly at the right times.

5. Set up Google Alerts

Google Alerts is one of the easiest tools for real estate businesses to monitor their online reputation and instantly know about mentions to their brands.

Each time Google finds a mention of your business, it will send you an email as it happens, daily or weekly. So you don’t have to spend time online doing searches, but instead have them “delivered” to your inbox.

You can set up email notifications for mentions of your brand name, specific properties and locations. So if someone is mentioning on a social network that they’re actively looking for a property in a specific location where you are selling, you instantly know and can connect with them.

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