Everything You Need To Know About Facebook Video Ads

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Videos have become an integral feature on Facebook since the network first began to enable video auto play in the newsfeed almost two years ago. With the opportunity to be at the centre of daily discovery, many businesses feel enticed to use the video concept for their advantage due to its fast growing reach statistics.

The Power of Videos

With nearly 1.5 billion monthly active users, Facebook is the world’s biggest social media channel. Facebook videos are Facebook advertisements in video format, which gains more reaches than any other type of content shared on the network as it essentially works as a visual storytelling and digital marketing tool. With the opportunity to target audiences around the world, Facebook offers you the one of best platforms to tell your story on whether you create a brand new video or use an existing video you already have.

Facebook Video Ads

Your Video’s Performance

You are able to find your metrics at video level from ‘Page Insights’ on your Facebook page.  Your metrics will provide you with figures from minutes viewed, views, video engagement, clicks on your video and more. A breakdown of comments, shares, likes from your original post and re-shares as well as any negative feedback on your video can be found. You are even able to see when people decide to hide your video from their news feed or report it as inappropriate.

Facebook Video Ad Costs

It’s important to note that Facebook works like an auction which means that there is no exact price for how much a Facebook video advert will cost as there are a lot of factors involved. How much you are willing to pay, the quality of your video ad, your target audience and competitors are some of the things that will influence the cost. You will be in complete control of your total budget and how much you would like to spend, which makes this an appropriate platform for both big and small businesses.

With Facebook ads you are able to reach people based on who they are and what interests them. Once you have created a video advert and chosen the audience you want to reach, you will need to choose a budget for the total amount you want to spend and how long to run it. By default, Facebook will optimise your video ads to reach people who are likely to be interested and take action but you are able to do this yourself if you would prefer.

Your advert will stop once it has either reached the budget or its end date. This can be changed at any time, meaning you are able to increase or decrease the budget and increase the date your ad will be running.

Opportunities and Restrictions

Our attention span is quite short, if you haven’t caught a person’s attention within the first three seconds of them watching your video they will most likely stop watching.

Depending on the type of content you’re looking to share through a video ad, Facebook might not always be the most ideal platform for your business. The reason it may not be the best is because it works better if you are planning to show a quick glimpse of your company or the services and products you offer. If you would like to share a more detailed video about a topic of your choice, a site like YouTube could prove to be more successful for you.

Your video will play automatically without sound until people decide to turn the sound on, so design it to have the sound off and express your message visually. Making sure you show captions, your logo and products can help deliver your message successfully. Keep in mind that the Facebook Advertising Policies apply to videos as well. The text penalty applies to the thumbnail of your video ad.

With 100 million hours of videos being watched every day on Facebook, each moment counts for advertisers. When investing in Facebook video ads, it’s important to remember the viewer’s growing control over what content to watch and for how long, it’s vital to communicate your message in the video to capture their attention quickly.

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