Facebook Hashtags: How Are Businesses Using It?

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Hashtags started long ago with Twitter, then Instagram, Google + and now more recently, Facebook. Whilst many were surprised by the use of hashtags on Facebook, numerous companies find it useful and take advantage of it.

Hashtags serve a purpose unlike any other- they basically index all of our social media chatter and categorize it for our convenience.

Also, by affixing‘#’ to the beginning of a word, you instantly make that word clickable. This means whenever someone clicks on the same hashtag, your content is indexed into that category.

Here are four key ways that businesses are using Facebook hashtags. You can adopt the same principles:

Promoting a contest

Facebook Hashtags are a very helpful way to get more traffic to a contest that you are running. By adding hashtags to your posts that mention the contest, people searching for the same hashtag are more likely to see your contest and engage with it.

Also, if you run a Facebook contest where you urge fans to take pics and upload them with a hashtag, which is a sure-fire way to generate more images, engagement, and buzz for your Facebook presence.

However, it is worth noting that you cannot have people entering your contest on Facebook by including your branded hashtag as you would on Pinterest or Twitter. Facebook has its own contest promotional rules, but you can help people find the content across platforms by including the hashtag in your Facebook posts.

Maximising social SEO

By using hashtags appropriate to every aspect of your business, you can attract your targeted audience.

For example, if you own a hairdressing shop, you do more than just cut and style hair. You also sell #hairstraighteners, #hairserum, or offer services like #manicure or #sunbeds.

People are searching for these things on a daily basis; make sure you post content with the related and relevant hashtags.

Just make sure to add just a few related hashtags and not 10 or 15 of them! This can backfire and make you lose fans!

Targeted Advertising

With an acute awareness of what is trending on Facebook, you can make targeting strategies for your next campaign.

Does your product or service tie into a current event? Imagine how targeting a “vocal” audience on Facebook can add to your brands’ virility online as they post updates with the same hashtags!

Promote a product

Using hashtags is a great way to gain exposure for a new product line that you are launching or a new collection that you are offering.

Use Facebook hashtags so that when people are ‘Liking’ and searching for things you offer, they will know where to go to buy the product.

When used correctly, hashtags on Facebook are very beneficial for any business. We recommend that you don’t “invent” hashtags but research the hashtags before you use it since you don’t want to use a hashtag that already exist for an entirely different purpose.

Let us know what you think of Facebook hashtags on the comment section below.

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