Facebook Launches New Graph Search

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Facebook’s Graph Search is a new way of searching that allows you to search across a number of different factors on the social network. This means you can ask specific questions and get specific answers.

For example, you could ask ‘which of my friends live in New York City?’.

Facebook will then search all of your friends and their home locations to give you the most relevant results. This can also be used to discover new places as you can search for things like: ‘coffee shops my friends like’.

Facebook is integrated with Bing search so if the Graph Search doesn’t turn up any results, you can search through Bing with one click. This makes searching the web from Facebook quick and easy.

The new search is slowly being rolled out and it’s Facebook accounts in US English that will see the new search bar first. This will give Facebook the chance to iron out any bugs before it rolls out globally.

You may have seen a privacy pop up warning you that it’s now easier for people to find images and other things you’ve shared with them. For most people this won’t be an issue but if you are worried about what others can see, review your privacy settings.

We’re excited to see how this works in practice as Facebook says it’s going to make search quicker and more accurate.

The Graph Search is also good news for businesses that may traditionally have been lost in searches. Make sure people are liking your pages and that your location details are filled out correctly as this gives you more chance of being picked up by the Graph Search.

Facebook also says it’s working on a mobile version of the Graph Search, although there’s been no news of when this is due to be launched.

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