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Facebook recently revealed that over 800 million users are using its Messaging App each month. With such a large population accessing this medium, the ability to interact directly with your Business Page visitors via the Messenger App is an opportunity not to be missed.

Facebook Messenger Stats

People use Messaging Apps to communicate with friends and family at a personal level. They are more responsive to messaging rather than emails. As a business, if you are to reach out to users via this mode of communication, you need to build that sort of personal relationship with your business page visitors or customers.

To protect the customer’s privacy, businesses can only respond to messages initiated by the customer. Page owners cannot see the customer’s email id.

The convenient, real-time and direct communication feature of the Messaging App makes it a very promising customer service tool for businesses.

Are you ready?

As a Page owner, you can control when and if you want to activate messaging for your page. If you do decide to turn on this feature, here are a few tips.

Be responsive

Have a plan in place to respond to incoming messages. Assign individuals or teams to handle and monitor messages. Ensure that no messages go unanswered and there is sufficient tracking and reporting mechanism in place.

Set expectations for response times

Very Responsive


When people message your business, they expect quicker responses when compared to emails. Set up Response times tomanage customer expectations.

Facebook assigns a “Very responsive to messages” badge if you respond to 90% of messages within fifteen minutes. This is a motivation to businesses to be as responsive as possible so that they don’t lose out on opportunities to help with customer queries before someone moves on to the competitor’s business page instead.

Automate replies where possible

When someone messages you, you can set up an instant reply thanking them for contacting you and that someone will respond to their query shortly. At the same time if you have too many people enquiring about the same thing like your hours of work or your returns policy, you can set up a standard reply to respond to such questions.

Be personal and helpful

You can respond privately to customer grievances on your page. This will give you a chance to discuss the issue in private and understand and respond accordingly. At the same time, if the questions are generic or standard and being asked by many page visitors, make sure you respond to them on the page itself so that all visitors can see your response.

Example ChatSince messaging is more of a real-time feature, use it for messages that are time-bound like order confirmations, shipping notifications etc, but avoid using messenger for long marketing messages. You can use your page posts or adverts for such messages.

Try to use a friendly and approachable tone of voice. Make it personal rather than formal. Speak as you would if the customer was talking face-to-face with you.

Here is a useful post to help you set up Facebook Messenger for your business.

Start using these new features today to offer your customers a convenient and personal way to connect with your business.

We would love to hear how you are using Facebook Messenger for Business, feel free to share your thoughts on our Twitter Page.

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