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Any company that has a business page on Facebook should be used to the many updates Facebook rolls out through it’s network on a regular basis. It is key that businesses using Facebook are always on top of new changes since they can have a huge impact on your marketing strategy.

The two most recent Facebook changes

1.  People Talking about This’ metric

As of March 3, the ‘People Talking about This’ is no longer a metric available on the business pages. If you used to rely on this metric when checking your Facebook page stats, it’s good to know that they were now split into different elements: page likes, People Engaged (the number of unique people who have clicked on, liked, commented on or shared your posts), page tags and mentions, page check-ins and other interactions on a page.

We don’t believe this change will affect your stats too much since this was a generic metric and a little ambiguous but we’re keen to see how it will affect Edge Rank. We’ll sure be keeping an eye on that

2. Streamlined Pages

Last Monday Facebook announced in a blog post that they are rolling out a more simple look for business pages (for the desktop version of Facebook). After the News Feed redesign, this seems the next coherent step to take to benefit business pages. This change comes with several updates:


The biggest design change of company pages will be the change from two columns to just one. Facebook says that the one-column look will ensure that posts show up regularly and consistently across the feed and also makes it easier for users to find information. Page posts will now display consistently both on the page and in users’ news feeds which we believe it is a plus for any business.

Admin tools

The left-hand column viewable from the pages platform now incorporates admin tools and analytics, including Likes and ad performance, helping page admins easily find the tools they use most.

Company information

The left-side column will now contain information about the business, including a map, hours of operation, phone number, website, photos, and videos. Previously, contact details were only visible on the ‘About’ section, and you could browse photos only from the Photos tab.

Since easy access to company information is key on social media and also the social networks are getting more visual, we believe these two changes can only benefit businesses.

Pages to Watch

This is a great tool for companies that like to keep an eye on their competitor’s activity since this lets admins create a list of competitors and monitor how they compare to their own page’s performance regarding total page likes, new page likes, posts this week, and engagement this week.

What do you think about these recent Facebook changes, will they benefit your business? Let us know in the comment section below.

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