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As the one of the biggest and most well-known social media platforms, Facebook presence for businesses is paramount. With over 1billion users, it provides great opportunities for businesses, spanning various different industries, to reach and engage with their audiences.

Business pages on Facebook are a very important feature for business/audience interaction, for users and businesses alike. As announced in December 2014, Facebook have just released a brand new feature, designed to help business pages to drive traffic towards their most important objective or selling point, plugging it as “a new way for people to interact with businesses.” And we definitely like the sound of that.

What’s in it for you?

This new feature is designed to place a business’s most important objectives in a central position, at the forefront of their page – just a little to the left of that all-important ‘Like’ button.  The ‘Call to Action’ button links the user to any destination of their choosing – on or off Facebook – driving traffic to the most crucial aspect of your business, seamlessly, from your Facebook business page.

We know that people are more likely to act when prompted to do so, so this is sure to be good for your click through rates. Not only that, but the feature offers an easy way to see how many times your ‘Call to Action’ button has been clicked. Facebook will show you how many people click on the button under the weekly metrics on the right hand side of your page.

How does it work?Call to Action shot 1

There are 7 different ‘Call to Action’ buttons for you to choose from. (Facebook have also suggested that they may be releasing an 8th ‘donate’ button for charitable organisations, in due course). All you need to do is select the one most appropriate to your business. (Be careful with this – Facebook have stated that they will monitor your links, to ensure that they ‘align with the business’s goals’).

  1. Book Now
  2. Contact US
  3. Use App
  4. Play Game
  5. Shop Now
  6. Sign Up
  7. Watch Video

Given the positioning of the button, it is important not to carefully consider your cover photos – some businesses may go as far as to design a cover photo which draws attention to it, but we’ll leave that one up to you.

How to create a ‘Call to Action’ button:Call to Action Create

  1. On your business page, at the bottom of your cover photo, to the left of the ‘Like’ button, you will find a ‘Create Call-to-Action button’ – click this.
  2. Choose your button from the 7 options available and the destination URL that you would like the button to link to. (Facebook may automatically suggest one for you, based on your specified web address – but feel free to change this).
  3. Click ‘Create’.

The ‘Call to Action’ button has just hit our news feeds, and we’re pretty excited about it. Have you discovered this new feature, yet? Let us know in the comments below.

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