Facebook Sharing Button Finally Available To Mobile Users

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It used to be if that you wanted to share anything to your timeline on Facebook, you’d have to do it through the web. The mobile app was rather limited in a number of ways but it was the sharing options that were really holding it back.

Nearly 40% of Facebook’s users are mobile and for a long time, that chunk of the user base weren’t able to share interesting posts from the pages they’d liked. The share button now appears alongside the ‘like’ and ‘comment’ buttons under relevant posts.

Users can also choose who sees the post they’ve shared. They could choose to make it fully public, share just with their friends or make it private just for them to see.

The fact that those users can now share posts is going to hugely impact business pages. With Facebook’s recent changes, fewer people are seeing what pages are posting. It’s only the posts that get a lot of shares and likes that are going to show up in timelines. (Or, of course, posts that the business has paid to promote.) Users can now sign up to business page notifications too but getting people sharing is the way forward to get more people seeing your content.

With a whole new 40% of the user base now able to share, this means pages could get more visibility. The key to capitalising on this is posting things that people will want their friends to see.

It’s all good and well using Facebook for business but there’s not much point if none is going to see those posts. Even with hundreds of likes, a lot of those fans won’t see what you post unless you can get people liking and sharing it first.

You can post news about your business to keep people updated but look at creating pieces of content that users will find interesting enough that they will want to share them with their friends.

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