Facebook Gives Their Users The Option Of Receiving Notifications From Business Pages

SocialB Digital Marketing Blog Last modified: 02 Nov 2012 by Lynsey Sweales
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There’s always the chance that when you post to your Facebook page it might get lost amongst all the other updates fans see in their timeline. These new notifications from Facebook are going to make it a lot easier for fans to keep up-to-date with their favourite brands.

There are a number of reasons fans might choose to receive notifications from a brand’s Facebook page. Firstly, they might want to keep up to date with small businesses that don’t post very often. They might want to separate out their favourite brands with those they just follow casually. They can keep up with everything in their timeline but the updates from brands they view as important will also pop up as a notification.

It’s not just brands that fans will be able to keep up with but also public figures and friends. It helps them to keep up with those they care about most on Facebook.

Facebook uses an algorithm to decide what shows up in a user’s timeline – engagement on Facebook is key. This means you aren’t seeing every post. This was designed to make the Facebook experience more interesting but it means that things can get missed. The whole purpose of this new notification option is to let users have more control over the updates they see.

This is very much like the ‘close friends’ option, where users can choose to receive updates from their closest friends whenever they post an update or upload a photo.

If you are a business with a great fan base but not a huge amount of user engagement then this could help you out. If you encourage your fans to get notifications of your posts then they are more likely to engage with them in some way when that notification comes in.

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