Fighting Fire With Content: How To Deal With Facebook Complaints

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Social media and Facebook, in particular, provide brands with an opportunity to start conversations with their customers, however, they can also provide a platform for complaints to be made. Facebook complaints may pose a threat to many brands, as nothing reflects worse than seeing a rant about how awful your product or service is written at the top of your Facebook page by a disgruntled customer, however by responding to these complaints you can create truly great social media content.

Not understanding how to deal with Facebook complaints, many brands simply choose to ignore or delete them, without recognising that this is visible to all their fans and it can backfire on your brand.

But acknowledging the complaint and responding accordingly can be a golden opportunity for a brand to retain a customer and even win new ones. That’s why you should “fight fire with fire” and create valuable social media content.

How to deal successfully with Facebook complaints?

The content of your reply to the angry customer should always be polite, positive and understanding. Never take Facebook complaints personally because it’s not a question of the customer being right or wrong, it’s a question of how well you treat your customers and solve problems.

A negative post can be turned into a good one, providing the final comment is positive. Your reputation among your community will soar when they see how well you take care of your customers.

Offer a human touch

Facebook complaints represent real, human customers with legitimate needs and concerns. Add a personal touch by introducing yourself and your job title and address the customer by their first name.

Offer more information

Put yourself in your customer shoes and try to understand what the complaint is all about. It may be a lack of information about a product or service, what may seem like basic common knowledge to you could be foreign and confusing to the end user. Social media content is key to any business and if this is the case, provide useful content that will solve the user’s problem or point them to an appropriate page, this could be a page on your website, a tutorial on Youtube or an article on your business blog.

Offer a discount

Offer a voucher or a discount can be a great way of dealing with Facebook complaints and retaining a client, encouraging them to keep faith in your business and happy to try other products or services.

Offer to contact the user

Even if you cannot solve the problem immediately, acknowledge the complaint and ask for the user’s contact details in order for your customer service to contact them ASAP.

Critics can become your best advocates. Comments on Facebook can provide valuable insights into consumer sentiment of which you otherwise may not have been aware. Timely and constructive responses to any Facebook complaints can demonstrate the great service your business offers can provide you with excellent social media content.

Has your business ever had to deal with Facebook complaints? Share your story with us on the comment section below.

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