Finding The Right Social Media Channels For Your Business

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Finding the right social media channels in the modern world can be tricky especially with so many social platforms to choose from, some for sharing and receiving instant images and videos, some for sharing different types of content and allowing your feed to interact with you, many do the same thing but have very different audiences and ideologies behind the platforms. Instead of being told which social media channels you should be using. This will instead just outline the differences, pros and cons of some channels for you to be able to decide which is best suited to help your business.


The biggest social platform in the world, with over 2.07 billion monthly active users (as of September 30, 2017) which increases by 16% year on year, with a huge amount of the world on Facebook it makes it very hard to ignore! Facebook has a large number of tools for advertising and general posting, it also allows for lots of variances in the way you post from media to polls and more. Due to the variety of posts, you can make on Facebook, and the number of people on Facebook it’s a great place for your business regardless of industry.


Twitter averages about 325 million users worldwide and is still one of the top websites in the US. Despite struggling to attract new users in the past 2 years Twitter is still an essential platform for businesses. On the 7th of November 2017, Twitter made the bold move to allow users to tweet 280 characters, doubling on its previous 140. Twitter allows you to tweet short text updates but also share videos, images, and links and create polls for your users to interact with you. For businesses, Twitter can be a great platform to interact with customers and also handle customer service. Twitter also graced us with the ‘Hashtag’ which helps boost posts and allows users to find you through hashtags.


Instagram is the biggest visual sharing app (entirely mobile) in the world, with over 700 million active users it can be incredibly useful to businesses. The idea of Instagram is to share pictures to those who follow you, like Twitter, it also has the hashtag function which allows users to find pictures and videos relevant to the hashtag. Even if you’re industry is not very well represented on Instagram it can still work well for your business by using the right hashtags and posting interesting content!


Snapchat like Instagram is also just for sharing images and videos, however, unlike Instagram, Snapchat is famous for its disappearing content. The images or Videos you share with users will be only available for a short period of time then once the user has clicked off the content its gone forever! Snapchat is difficult for businesses to use well as the end user has to add you to view your content and the content you post is usually less specific. However, if used correctly it can be useful and helpful for users to view your content.

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