Five Great Ways To Use LinkedIn For Business

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Celebrating its first decade in business in 2013, LinkedIn has an astonishing 225 million users in more than 200 countries and territories. Social media marketing has now become a vital component of most successful businesses and finding the most appropriate mix of social media platforms is crucial. The question is: are you harnessing the power of LinkedIn for business?

On the SocialB blog, we put in the legwork to keep you up to date with the latest news and top tips for making the most of your Social Media networks, including LinkedIn for business, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

LinkedIn for Business enables you to target your market directly, speak to consumers and engage them in a more corporate and professional manner than perhaps other networks allow. Here’s where to get started:

1. Complete Your Profile

Communicate the important details of your business at the forefront of your LinkedIn for Business page. Use an attention-seeking headline and concisely communicate your product or service, USP and your business’s tone of voice. Don’t forget an image!

2. Invite your colleagues and peers to connect with you

Encouraging employees to like your page means their network see which company they work for, in turn creating opportunities for their second-degree connections to connect with you.

3. Be Consistent

Content is key. It’s not about the hard sell – keep it fresh, regular, engaging and vibrant. Share general industry news along with updates exclusive to your business and don’t forget images and videos.

4. Reciprocate

Do you get that little fizz of satisfaction every time someone comments on or shares your posts? Course you do! We all like it when someone takes the time to engage with our updates, so don’t forget to reciprocate. Look at competitors who also use LinkedIn for business, other businesses in your area and people in your network. Like, share and comment on their content. After all, sharing is caring!

5. Ask nicely for endorsements and recommendations

With word of mouth rapidly being exchanged for social media sharing, online endorsements from clients and customer can really boost your credibility and develop trust in your brand. Many people are happy to provide you with a sentence or two about their experience – if asked personally and not via a mass mail out. However, it’s important to remember tip 4 here – ‘reciprocate’.

Overwhelmed? Talk to SocialB, the Social Media experts, we can advise, inspire and explain LinkedIn for Business. Too busy? Why not let us do it for you!

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