Five Tips To Make Your Business More ‘Pinteresting’.

SocialB Digital Marketing Blog Last modified: 24 Oct 2013 by Lynsey Sweales

Pinterest. Love it or hate it, it’s here to stay. The visual social media network first gained momentum in the United States and is now becoming increasingly popular in the UK. An image-sharing site, Pinterest allows users to share images, virtually pinning them to online boards. A multi-faceted social media marketing campaign can help your business to grow, so today we’re sharing with you five tips to make your business more ‘Pinteresting’.

A relatively new platform, Pinterest began in December 2009 and just two years later was ranked in the top ten largest social networking sites with 11 million total visits per week. This figure has now increased substantially and continues to grow, so take heed and keep reading for our five tips to make your business more ‘Pinteresting’.

Get creative!

Content is key – if you are new to Pinterest, set aside some time to create a number of boards that group together certain products. It could be simple as a male and a female orientated board, or a seasonal one. Let your creative juices flow and then share!

Think ‘Pinfographics’

If you are offering a service, or perhaps advising on a look – have you thought outside of the box and tried to convey your point visually rather than with words? Take collage images of key looks and trends, or create fun and colourful informative ‘pinfographics’ such as this image of a recipe.

Use crisp and professional looking images

Contextualise. Products on a white background are uninspiring. Use other props to indicate size, or take images of people enjoying your products. You can even be tongue in cheek. (Take a look at Drew Pritchard Antiques website for a great example of contextualised images.)


This is a two-way conversation. If you want your content to be shared, then share and like others! Not only will it draw attention to you as a user, it is proven that people are more likely to share your images if you have shown an interest in theirs.Create pins that are ideal for sharing

Likes, repins and click-throughs are the name of the game. This will only happen if you post engaging images. Funny, remarkable, though provoking, whichever it is – think about what sort of thing you like to see on your newsfeed – chances are your customers and followers will like something similar.

If you need a few more pointers, we’d love to hear from you. Talk to SocialB, and we’d be more than happy to help!

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