How To Sync Social Media With Your Existing Marketing Plan

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social-med1A lot of businesses see social media as a separate thing to their usual marketing activities. While it can work quite nicely on its own, you can get much more from your social activities if you can work into into your wider marketing plan.

Keep your brand consistent

If your marketing strategy contains a lot of activity designed to reposition yourself as a brand, it’s best to get your social media in line too.

Not only will you be able to communicate to a wide range of customers and followers but you’ll be able to get across important brand information quickly and easily.

If you social media doesn’t line up with the rest of your brand then it can put doubt in the mind of your customer that they are following the right accounts. Make sure the person in charge of your social media knowns your business and brand inside out. It’s also important that colours, icons, logos and other imagery is all in keeping with your branding.

This will help you to create an instantly recognisable presence which can be useful in all aspects of your marketing activity.

Form a content marketing strategy

A strong content plan is an important part of the marketing mix. This might be articles on your own blog, guest posts and the content your put on social media too.

It’s important to use all of this together to get the most out of what you’re writing. Using all those platforms will help you to get your message across.

For example, if you post a buyers’ guide to your products on your blog, you should back this up with tweets and Facebook posts on the same topic. You can link to your blog post but also give further information that may not have made it into your blog post.

Use social media for market research

Social media is a great way to do a little bit of market research. It doesn’t match up to proper, planned research but when you’re looking for a quick opinion or two it can be the easiest way to get answers.

For example, if part of your marketing plan is to gauge customer reaction to your latest advert, you can do this by looking at sales increases, enquiries and website hits. You can also post the advert to your social accounts and ask what people think. It’s a good chance to get honest feedback from people and this works well alongside the quantitative data.

Employee training

In order to get your social media strategy working well with your marketing plan, you need to have properly trained staff. This is also important if you use an agency to manage your social media.

No matter who is in charge of your Twitter, Facebook etc. you should ensure they understand your brand and what you want to get out of your marketing plan.

As part of your plan you’ll have set out goal and objectives, it’s important that everyone involved in marketing your business understands these and how to achieve them.

Set aside time and budget

A lot of businesses see social media as a something that needs to be done but doesn’t need to be heavily invested in. However, it is good to set aside some of your marketing budget to be spent on social media. Not only will you need to pay someone to be in charge of it but it’s worth spending some money on proper analytics so you can measure the return on investment of your social activity too.

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