Four Social Media Changes You Need To Know About

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The evolutionary nature of social media for business means that the goalposts are constantly being moved. If you’re struggling to keep up, don’t worry, here at SocialB we provide you with the key social media skills changes you need to know about – succinctly and in one place.

LinkedIn – Social Media recognised as a skill

Social Media skills have become recognised as a skill on the largest recruitment social network. Currently still in its Beta phase, keep an eye out for it rolling out across all profiles in the near future.

Rich pins on Pinterest

Super slick, the new ‘rich pins’ provide pinners with information that allows them to act upon an image they like. Details such as prices, availability, reviews and ingredients will now appear on Pinterest – to get involved you will need to prep your website with meta tags, try out your rich pins and apply to get them featured.

Embed posts from Facebook

Enabling websites to share the social network’s content on their site the new ‘embed posts’ feature will allow Facebook posts from a public profile to be integrated into the rest of the web.

Improved analytics for LinkedIn Company pages

LinkedIn has been improving leaps and bounds with engagement, measurement and company presence.  Their latest update is greater improved analytics for company pages, definitely worth a look if you are using LinkedIn for your company, especially if you post updates!

Social Media for business in incredibly powerful – for the latest in social media updates, how to make the most of social media for your business and useful hints and tips for gaining followers and generating leads why not sign up for our email newsletter.

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