Why The GDPR Is A Step In The Right Direction

Why The GDPR Is A Step In The Right Direction

SocialB Digital Marketing Blog Last modified: 21 Oct 2017 by Paul Hogg

Many businesses and organisations are talking about the upcoming GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) and are preparing for it. While digesting the guidelines put out by the ICO does become a dry, laborious task after a while, many bloggers (including ourselves) have written posts to explain it in plain English without the jargon. While this hasn’t been easy due to how vague the official information is, it is important that every company and organisation understands and carries out the regulation’s actions.

Why is this important? Because it’s a step in the right direction for our individual privacy and rights as human beings. In this blog post, I aim to explain why the drudgery is worthwhile in an age where data is becoming more and more valuable by the day.

Data Is Today’s Commodity

We share more data than ever today. We upload photos of ourselves and our loved ones to social networks, we give companies our address and birthdays to enter competitions and our email addresses are in databases all around the world. Information about ourselves is valuable to businesses, marketing in particular, and while sharing with them can open up opportunities for more personal customer service, we want to know we are in control of which business has what data.

An Evolution In Privacy

While the data protection act of 1998 took steps to protecting consumer data, the GDPR is the next step, more updated and relevant step in this process. Through broadening the definition of ‘data’, companies and organisations have to be much more sensitive to what they hold about what person, making them think twice before adding them to their database. It’s been suggested that paid contact list businesses may disappear, with the practice now being rendered illegal and the added threat of a heavy fine.

None of us like receiving dozens (or even hundreds or more) irrelevant, spam emails a day, and the GDPR is a big step in the right direction for combating this. Not only will it help clean up our inboxes, it will also make us feel much more in control of our personal information on a day-to-day basis.


Disclaimer: This material is provided for your general information and is not intended to provide legal advice. To understand the full impact of the GDPR on any of your data processing activities please consult with an independent legal and/or privacy professional.

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