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Getting noticed on Instagram may seem a like an impossible task when you see the millions of photos and videos that are added to this growing social network on a daily basis.

As with many of the social media platforms, the main key is interaction, although having great footage whether sharing videos or photos is a good place to start from.

Instagram helps very much to enhance your photos, this along with the fact that today’s modern smartphone cameras are so easy to use, makes it easy to take high-quality creative photos.  Having said that, it’s still worth thinking about the lighting, angles and most importantly the subject matter when snapping away and capturing the moment.

Being creative with your media is a must, for businesses to be successful and grab attention on Instagram you need to stick within the realms of your company’s product or service.  Make your content relevant and engaging and not all about the sell, balance fun pictures with business related photos.

If you find that your photos are not getting as many likes as you want then a good way to get noticed on Instagram is to interact with other users.  Just like other social networks by starting conversations with like-minded people who shared common interests you will start to get followed. Be social, following others usually results in a follow back, it does take time and effort, but can work really well.

Top tips to grab attention on Instagram include:

  • Optimise your Instagram profile
  • Use #hashtags to highlight your keywords when tagging photos
  • Look up popular hashtags that may be relevant to you
  • Run a contest, ask for entries from followers or a simple caption competition
  • Connect and promote your Instagram account to Facebook, Twitter, and other networks
  • Have fun, be creative and see what works and what doesn’t!

Try not to be daunted, whether you’re a novice or expert on Instagram you can always get better results with a little hard work and perseverance – not forgetting brilliant photos. If you need any more help, contact us to see how we can help with all your social media questions.


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