Get Pinterested & Instagrammed – Why Visual Platforms Are Key In The Property Sector

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Pinterest Property Blog - SocialB Training - Nov 2015For both online and high street estate agents the visual social media platforms of Pinterest and Instagram are playing a bigger part in online marketing when it comes to the property sector than ever before.

These two social networks are growing fast and are all about the ‘pictures’. Eye catching photos and images also attract potential house buyers when browsing the properties for sale listings. Whilst the property sector is no stranger to social media with Twitter and LinkedIn being popular amongst estate agents, are you making the most of the more visual platforms of Pinterest and Instagram?

Using Pinterest in the property sector

The key with any social media network is to build relationships, connect and engage with users. Social media is not about the hard sell and Pinterest is no different. Just pining all your property listings is not the best way to attract attention. Whilst you should have boards relating to your estate agency, its also a good idea to have eye catching images relating to home living, lifestyle, interior design, DIY and so on in order to inspire your followers to repin.

In order to make your pins more sharable, pinable and get your brand to stand out, you need to think about adding more than just pictures of houses. Show more of the character of a property or a photo of the house at sunset or picking out some architectural features even the bizarre makes for good Pinterest content.

Whether you add your own pins or repin others pins remember to add a catchy and creative description including keywords and hash tags so that your pin can be easily found in the search feature.

You can also add a ‘Pin it’ button to your website which means that users can pin any image from your site and share this on their board, thereby promoting your brand.

Time to get Instagrammed

Instagram is still underused in the property sector, but this network is currently growing faster than Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. Utilising Instagram could be a way grow your brand by reaching out to smartphone and tablet users.

You can further boost your exposure on Instagram by using #hashtags, so like Twitter, this gives you access to people searching for their interests who are not already following you. As in all social media use hashtags wisely and stick to keywords for that image. You can also reach out by following other Instagrammers in appropriate sectors and don’t forget to like other peoples photos too.

When it comes to looking at what images to post, it’s time to get creative with your photography. Think about gardens, furniture, home décor, swimming pools etc which will attract followers and likes, not just photos of houses and the usual interior shots. By taking your own images you also avoid any copyright issues.

The property sector has embraced social media but if you want some help to start employing the visual platforms of Pinterest or Instagram, have a chat with our social media experts or take a look at our Pinterest and Instagram for Business webinar which gives valuable insight into these two social media networks.

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