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An estimated 1 billion cards will be sent worldwide this Valentine’s Day and an average of £1.3 billion is spent each year on gifts. It’s therefore not surprising that Valentine’s Day is a great opportunity to engage with your customers through your digital marketing. We would always recommend that any campaigns are planned in advance but we also know that things don’t always go to plan! If you haven’t already started your Valentine’s Day campaign don’t panic. There are still some things you can do to make a difference.

Solve Your Customer’s Problems

Think about the problems your customers might be having for Valentine’s and help them to solve them. We all know someone who is difficult to buy for so put together a gift guide that inspires them, highlights your products and helps your customers to find the perfect gift. Get creative with your titles so consider ‘10 ways to say I love you’ rather than a standard ‘10 gifts for her’. Like H Samuel and, sharing your guides across your social media channels and through your newsletter is the easiest way to help your customers. Make sure your guides really showcase your products and always include links so that your customers can make their purchase in just a few clicks. If you have the ability and can do it in time, also group your products on your website or create a special landing page like Marks and Spencers and share the link. Add extra options like gift wrap and the ability to get express delivery so even if your customers have left it late you can still help. M&S Valentine's Day

Update Your Blog

Blogs are often overlooked by businesses but they are a really quick and effective way to communicate with your customers. Blogs add credibility to your position as an expert in your field but more importantly, they can add value to your customer’s shopping experience. To get the most out of your blogs you have to be subtle as they shouldn’t always be about your products – that doesn’t mean that you can’t link to your products or show them off but you shouldn’t be blatant about it. Crate and Barrel, for example, write a regular recipe blog. They don’t sell food but they do sell the cookware and chinaware that you might need to make them. If you have a local presence you could blog about date night suggestions or the best local places to meet for a romantic night out. A blog may not be about what you sell but as long as the topic is relevant to your audience and you include links to your website they can still be a way of driving traffic and engaging with your customers. What subjects can you blog about to get your customer’s attention for Valentine’s Day?

Share The Love!

In a competitive market, you can encourage your customers to buy more from you or spend more with you by offering something special for Valentine’s Day. Pandora, for example, have created an offer to increase their customer’s spend by offering something free for purchases over a certain amount. Offers are great to share on social media and in your newsletters to get some interest from your target market and encourage your customers to share your offers as well. A small amount on paid social media advertising with the right targeting could increase your reach and give you a higher engagement. Even if you dont sell products as Valentine’s Day gifts you can still say thank you to your customers and show them some love by giving them a special Valentine’s offer. Whether you sell a service or a product you can create an offer that you can promote up to and including Valentine’s Day that is relevant to your audience and gives them an excuse to treat themselves.

Pandora Valentine's Day

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