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Google Analytics Intelligence

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What Is Google Analytics Intelligence?

This is a recent addition to Google Analytics features. It is based on machine learning and can help you better understand and react to your data. You can use GA as a search engine and ask questions in a similar manner as you would do in Google. The Analytics Intelligence will then provide you with an answer and an option to see your full report. You can ask anything related to your website and GA data and the answers provided would be based on everything available in your GA account.

The more you use this feature, the more refined the output/answer. Based on your recurrent usage, this feature can be used to predict future trends in data and past anomalies.

What Can You Do With GA Intelligence?

  • Ask Questions – You can ask questions in plain simple English and get answers from Analytics Intelligence. For example, you can ask questions like “Which channel generated the highest revenue from e-commerce?” and you will get a list of channels with revenue generated ranked from highest to lowest.
  • Get Insights – Analytics Intelligence can track and highlight any major changes or opportunities for you to act on. For example, a sudden drop in bounce rate or conversions or an increase in page views or visitors can be picked up easily using these insights.

How Can You Access GA Intelligence?

  • Login to your GA account
  • Click intelligence icon in the top right corner
  • Expand the dashboard and either begin typing your question or choose one of the available options below the search bar.


Once your question is answered, you can click the ‘View Full Report’ button to find where this information can be found.

How Does It Impact Agencies And Clients?

With Analytics Intelligence, agencies can now spend more time in optimising and refining accounts rather than reporting. Clients can easily get access to simple account related data on their own without having to go through numerous analytics reports. Having said this, we are still a long way off for Analytics Intelligence to completely replace digital marketing support as there is a lot more to marketing than just reports!

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