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Google Anounce Latest Search Algorithm Updates

Google are constantly striving to provide the most relevant search results to their users. We have already seen a number of changes this year including personal search results for Google plus users.

Today Amit Singhal from Google announced on their blog the latest Google search algorithm updates.

Amit advised that on top of their 200 signals to help determine search results listings in Google they are also now adding the number of “valid copyright removal notices into the mix”.

Google provide a transparency report area where you can see the latest stats on removals copyright.

What does this mean for your business?

Google will not and cannot determine whether a website page violates copyright law and so to ensure Google search users find the most legitimate website and to also prevent businesses who infringe on copyright don’t get away with it, you can now have an impact on potentially pushing the search result content down (subject to other algorithms, infringement, and other factors).

It means that if a website is infringing on copyright from your website you need to report them.  If you think another business is infringing on your copyright you can report them to Google.

We often have copyright infringement on our client’s websites due to appearing high in search engine results.  New businesses pop up create a website and copy some of the text from our client’s websites. There lies two problems; one that google doesn’t like duplicate content and two, another business has taken our well-written content and stolen it for their own use.

We welcome Google’s latest change of algorithm but what do you think?

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