Google Turns On Knowledge Graph For Better Search Results

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Google Knowledge Graph – What is it?

Google in its constant quest to deliver the most relevant results to its users has announced this week the launch of their Knowledge Graph.

As a business with a website, what does this mean to you? Well let’s share an example:

If you type into Google ‘the castle’ you were previously given a list of results which would have encompassed any website themed around castles; that being results like Warwick Castle, the Castle TV series and maybe even your local pub (if it’s called The Castle).

Google has realized that some words, like the example we have given, leaves your search results to open so it’s developed what it is calling their Google Knowledge Graph.

Google Knowledge Graph example

Google Knowledge Graph

From the results Google now provides you with extra search results, positioned on the right-hand side (known as ‘See results about’). If you click on one of these (for example The Castle film) you will be given search engine results plus facts and further information on that specific place. Essentially the Google Knowledge Graph is more intelligent than just a word search as it is able to differentiate between places, persons and things and group them into a more targeted and informative search result for the end user.

Google Knowledge Graph Examples

So where does Google get this information from?

Well, it does go to the likes of Wikipedia and other public sources but it also goes larger scale and looks further afield.  It already contains more than 500 million objects, 3.5 million facts and also looks at relationships between these objects.  It also looks at what people search for and what they find on the web too, which is where your website comes in.

To ensure your website results come up in the right search results you need to focus on having correct and well-written website content that relates to your subject.

In summary, this is another step to Google giving bespoke personal search results.  Their blog post on this latest announcement certainly indicates it’s a major area for them to develop further going forward as Amit from Google concludes “we’re proud of our first baby step – the Knowledge Graph – which will enable us to make search more intelligent, moving us closer to the “Star Trek computer” that I’ve always dreamt of building”.

What do you think of this latest change in Google’s search results? Helpful or not? Please share your views below.

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