Got Something To Say To Your Customers? Say It On Your Blog

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601px-Business_plate_svgA business blog can be a fantastic resource when it comes to communicating information to your customers. You do, however, need to put that information across in the correct way while ensuring it reaches as many of your customers as possible.

What sort of information?

You can convey anything you want to your customers through your business blog. Perhaps let them know about holiday opening hours or your latest sale.

Your blog can also be a great place to elaborate on something you’ve mentioned on social media. Perhaps you’ve been tweeting about a birthday offer code that can be used for money off products. On your blog you can explain any other special events that are going on around your business’ birthday and a little bit about your origins.

How to present the information

This greatly depends on what it is you’re trying to get across but make sure you are clear and concise in your writing and link to any other sources that may give further information.

Add in an image or two as this can help to break up blocks of text. It’s also great for drawing customers through from social media.

A lot of online readers tend to skim through big paragraphs so try to keep them short. It may also be worth bolding some of the more important parts of your post.

You can also help to break up the text with headings.

How to drive people to your blog

If you are conveying important information via your business blog, you need to make sure it’s easy to find. Make the link to your blog clear from your website and regularly direct social followers to it for updates.

Perhaps include a link to your blog in any email newsletters that go out to your customers and you should regularly share your blog posts on social media and through social bookmarking sites.

It’s also important that you encourage your customers to keep up-to-date with your blog. You can do this through a separate email subscription, an RSS feed or a platform like Bloglovin’.

Keep people coming back

If you get a reputation for interesting, informative articles then customers will keep checking back to your blog on a regular basis. They might visit for the amusing anecdotes, beautiful imagery and voucher codes but that means they’ll be there when you do need to get across something important too.

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