Greggs Demonstrate How To Handle A Social Media PR Crisis

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On Tuesday the 19th August, Greggs the bakers suffered a PR nightmare when the company was hacked and their recognisable logo and slogan was replaced with an offensive version on its Google profile.

However, Greggs took the high road and responded quickly to Twitter complaints with genuine humour and unique energy.

Once Google had fixed the problem, Greggs couldn’t help getting one last creative response in.

Social Media is a great tool for putting a positive spin on a crisis as you can instantly respond in a strategic way.

As it goes with all crisis’, Greggs didn’t have this planned but the communications team responded to concerned customers very quickly, all the while using clever humour to show that this hasn’t dented their confidence in how they handle a crisis. They could have very easily made a very PR-y defensive statement but instead they took it on the chin and almost made fun of themselves in the process, only further establishing that they are comfortable with their brand and customers exactly how they are.

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