Have you felt the impact of social media on recruitment?

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Whether you are a recruitment agency, recruit your own employees, have an HR department to deal with recruitment or at the other end and are job hunting, the impact of social media on recruitment is huge – massive – vast and getting bigger – just in case you were in any doubt!

LinkedIn is well known as being the professional social media network used for business-to-business ‘uses’ more so than personal platforms such as Facebook. The recruitment industry has been utilising LinkedIn for several years now to locate and recruit staff. This has some major advantages over traditional recruitment methods and has contributed to the social media impact in recruitment.

One of the biggest of these advantages is that it’s a very cost effective method. Anyone in the recruitment industry can search and browse the LinkedIn ‘database’ of professionals all listing their employment history and strengths and it costs next to nothing. It really is a recruiters dream come true!

The quality of potential employees is also high on the list of plus points. We don’t tend to shout about ourselves unless we’ve got something great to say; therefore generally the calibre of people on LinkedIn is in the main high.

As the impact of social media on recruitment multiples it is perhaps not surprising that other networks; Facebook and Twitter are following closely on the heels of LinkedIn.   Social media websites are rapidly becoming the shop window when it comes to the job marketplace, with recruitment one of the fastest growing areas of social media marketing.

One of the reasons the other networks are getting involved is that job seekers are now using social media to find a new job. Around 29% of people actively use social media as their main tool to find work. Although be warned approximately one third of recruiters admit they have rejected a potential candidate because of information, content or photos posted on their profiles!

Even the language within recruitment is changing to reflect social media, with the words ‘social recruitment’ now being used within the industry. This just goes to show the very real impact social media has had on the recruitment sector.

If you want to know more on how to utilise the social media networks for recruitment then take a look at our one-day social media recruitment course and make sure you are ahead of the competition.

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