Here’s How To Use Social Media For Brand Awareness

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Social Media

Marketing buzzword ‘brand awareness’ is regularly bandied around as a key goal for businesses. This week SocialB explores the infinite power of using Social Media for brand awareness, and how cost effective it can be for a small business.

Brand awareness – a marketing concept for measuring consumers’ knowledge of a brand’s existence – is powerful. Social Media is useful to raise your brand as your updates are shared, and therefore appear in numerous people’s newsfeeds. The beauty of social media is that – unlike hefty advertising campaigns – it costs very little, or is indeed free.

Using Social Media for brand awareness in not about the hard sell, it’s about becoming part of a social media network and developing a following amongst your online community. With a consistent and comprehensive social media marketing strategy, your brand will then become part of your follower’s everyday conversations. Their confidence in your product or service will grow and the likelihood of them using your business or passing on your name increases.
To give example, think about who you follow online. Whether Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn, most people follow people similar to them (direct or indirect competition) and also follow and like people and businesses that interest them.

For instance, foodies may follow street-food vans or coffee shops. They might not directly invest in that business via social media, but in time, they are likely to visit that foodie pit-stop when they are next seeking out a latte, or indeed visiting the neighborhood in which the business is located. This can be attributed to brand awareness – the name or logo of the establishment and its’ values and products have been stashed away in the consumers head to be used at a later date.

Using social media for Brand Awareness is subtle – ramp up your social media marketing and soon enough people will start to invest in your brand, and in time, share it with their friends.

SocialB’s top three tips for using social media for brand awareness?

  • Consistency – Update your pages regularly and with content that is punchy, diverse, interesting and relevant to your brand
  • Reciprocation – Join in with the conversation. Like, share and comment on other people’s pages and updates
  • Diversity – Don’t restrict your brand to one social network – think laterally. Facebook and Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest, LinkedIn and Vimeo. Which ones do your target market use and how? You must cover at least a few of these bases!

Pushed for time? Contact SocialB and let us help you to raise your brand awareness via social media. We offer external or in-house training, or can do the work for you!

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