How Accountancy Firms Can Benefit From Social Media

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numbers-money-calculating-calculationAccountancy firms and other financial organisations do not tend to be frontrunners when it comes to social media marketing. Traditionally, businesses in this industry tend to be fairly conservative, as is the nature of their field, with much of their work being restricted by regulatory and legal requirements.

Despite this, there are many benefits to accountancy firms using social media as a marketing tool. Here are a few key reasons why you should consider integrating social media into your marketing mix:

Visibility and Credibility

Social media is transparent and honest, by nature. In today’s climate, with infinite data at our fingertips, we expect and demand honesty and transparency from businesses in any industry. Social media is a great way for businesses to present themselves online. Posting regular, thought-leading content will improve your business’ online visibility and credibility.

Search and Recommendation

When looking for new firms, many prospective clients will rely on online search and recommendations. Social media facilitates both of these processes; a strong social media presence with an industry-relevant following will act as a referral, and social profiles appear in search results, which gives firms a strong presence in the results pages.


As you will know, networking is essential in business and is an invaluable way of forming connections with prospective clients. Social media is just another form of networking, particularly with business platforms like LinkedIn gaining ever more traction. Many of your clients will already be using social media, as will many of your competition. Accountancy firms need to seize this opportunity to connect with potential clients, social media allows you to get to know them in a way that other marketing channels don’t allow.

Measurable and Profitable

As with all digital marketing, social media is measurable. Once you have created a strategy in line with your business goals, this allows you to try and test different campaigns, accurately measure the results, and adjust accordingly. Any accountancy firm will be well versed in profits and measurements; social media is a free tool that will help your firm grow and become more profitable.


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