How And Why Is The Digital Retail World Evolving?

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Digital Retail BlogThe digital world is taking the retail market by storm, with more shoppers than ever before seeing the benefits of online shopping over the bricks and mortar approach.

With more of us owning mobile devices from smartphones to watches these days, digital retail is one trend that is set to grow and mobile commerce is expected to triple over the next few years.

Retailers need to be ready to meet these demands if they want to grow with this evolving digital retail world and make sure that this revenue stream comes into your pockets not your competitors. Argos are putting themselves out there as a digital retail leader and have developed their online business and now have around 45% of their sales coming through digital channels.

Along with technology, customer demand is one of the biggest driving forces behind online shopping, here’s a few reasons why customers are turning from the high street to the internet when they want some retail therapy.

It’s convenient…

No surprise here, but its a fact that with the busy lives we all lead today, online retail can be done by anyone at any time of the day or night. Your website is truly open 24/7, not just between the hours of 9 to 5. An interesting quote we’ve seen recently is that ‘www’ now stands for ‘what I want, when I want, where I want it’.

Easy to do…

Avoiding the crowds and full car parks is the first bonus of shopping online, and most of us agree that it is easy to search and shop online. It is essential that this is representative of your website, getting the basics right with your digital presence across all the formats from desktop to mobile will ensure you can move forward in the online retail market in the future.

Compare reviews and prices…

It’s not always about the buying the cheapest product online any more, but savvy online shoppers have a much wider source from which to select and get a good deal. Comparing what other shoppers have said about products is also a big decision in the buying process, which is why customer reviews are a great addition to a retail website.

Customer service and experience…

Forget these at your peril, with online competition so fierce, the digital retail experience you offer customers has to be seamless. Customer service is just as important to your online customers as it is to those that walk through your door. It is essential to have a clear returns policy, as this is one of the biggest reasons customers don’t order online.

Social commerce…

Could this be the buzz word in retail in 2016? Both Facebook and Twitter are looking at ways retail businesses can sell from their social media platforms. Facebook already have the availability of a ‘Shop Now’ button in your social profile which can link to your website and Twitter are investing in ways that you can sell within a Tweet so watch this space.

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