How can you use Periscope as a marketing tool?

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In the past few months, there has been a big focus on live video broadcasting.

Thanks to smartphone apps like Periscope, users can watch, engage with, record live video streams and share them with their network.

The live streaming platform that is in partnership with Twitter, attracted one million users in the ten days following their App Store release.

Periscope presents an unmissable marketing opportunity for brands. What is more, given that it is fairly new, brands can show innovation and really stand out from the crowd, showing themselves as current and ahead of the curve.

Periscope is not just for sharing fun or silly clips, it can actually support and boost your online marketing strategy.

Here are 4 great ways to use Periscope:

1. Share promotional clips

The essence of Periscope is to share live videos. Your target audience can watch these videos in the exact moment that they are happening, as such marketers have a unique opportunity to capture your audience in the now, whilst giving them a sense of exclusivity and insider info.

Some examples:

  • The launch party of a new product with a discount for viewers
  • An offer that is available for a certain period of time
  • The final game of a sports competition where you are one of the sponsors
  • Positive interactions with customers (with their permission of course)
  • Small pieces of new products being developed to create interest and tease your customers

Your creativity is the limit really. You can share exciting live clips that will enhance your brand awareness and include a call-to-action so your customers act upon it.

2. Share clips that show your human side

Your customers will naturally be curious to see life inside your offices and business, so why not show them?

Invite viewers to get to know you and your brand by documenting what it is really like to work there.

For example:

  • Clips from meetings
  • The break room
  • Inside jokes
  • A celebration
  • Office banter with an industry influencer at a trade event
  • A charity event like a run
  • Some leisure time at the local pub
  • Interviews with members of your staff

3. Contests

Contests are designed to make you customer feel singled out and special. What better way to do this than by rewarding a customer who sees your Periscope live-streaming notification, and longs on without hesitating so as not to miss your live stream. Your Periscope audience has to be quick to act to catch your streams, so reward them for following you so closely.

A great example could be to share a clip everyday for a week, with clues that your customers have to solve in order to win. This is a great way to engage them and make them come back for more. Also a great way to increase your brand awareness too.

4. How-to clips

The best online content is that which brings real value to your customers; use Periscope to provide them with how-to clips and help them solve key problems by demonstrating your expert industry knowledge.

Create sessions in which you give a tutorial, or walk your audience through steps of a task. Invite your audience to ask questions during the live session.

Over to you

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