How Google Analytics Dashboards Can Help You

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Ever spend hours and hours sitting in Google Analytics just staring out the sheer amount of data, feeling a bit overwhelmed? You only went there to look at your Organic Bounce Rate this week! It’s easy to get wrapped up in GA’s huge amount of information, especially when you usually need to click around to different sections and add secondary dimensions to actually see one bit of data that you need. What if we told you that there was a way to look at that info in one customisable view? Yep, we’re talking Google Analytics Dashboards.

If you haven’t been using the Dashboards feature yet, then now is the perfect time to start! This handy tool features a simple collection of widgets that pull data from each section of GA, allowing you to build your own custom report to quickly visualise your data. You can have up to 12 widgets in each view, on up to 20 dashboards for each view/property in your account. Dashboards are located at the top right of the control panel feature, underneath ‘Customisation’.

Google Analytics Dashboard

As you can see, the Dashboards you create will allow you to pull the exact data you need to get quick snippets of info – this is particularly handy when presenting daily or weekly reports, as you won’t need to spend time clicking around to find which figures you need – it’s all there for you in the format you find easiest to read, whether that’s tables, line graphs, pie charts etc.

So how do you create one, I hear you cry? Well, it’s fun to have a play and set up your own if you have the time, but for those short on time, there are literally hundreds of custom dashboards that other marketers have created and shared for you to download – bonus! We like these 5 Insightful Google Analytics Dashboards from MOZ as they’re simple and easy to understand for beginners. To create your own, click on the ‘Create’ button once you have selected Dashboards from the menu.

You will get the option to use a blank canvas or a starter dashboard with sample widgets created for you. If you’re using a blank canvas, you’ll see these options pop-up, and it’s here you can start to build your own personal view.

Google Analytics Dashboard Widgets

Google Analytics Dashboard View

A great thing about Dashboards is that you can export and share them across multiple other Analytics properties (if you have them), to other team members, or to helpful websites to help others find Dashboards that may be useful for their needs.

You can create dashboards for just about any data that’s stored in Analytics, whether it’s Social Media traffic or E-Commerce data – just work out which metrics are useful to you and your business/client first and you’ll be well on your way to quicker analysis and reporting.

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